About me!

We are a family of four and we love living in Hawaii.  Full of sun, beautiful nature, and yumminess.  I love to “Live Simply”. 

I started running in June 2015 (before that, I was running maybe two miles at the most each time on the treadmill from time to time).  It all started when our friend suggested signing up for the Honolulu Marathon because it’s only $26 (back in Jan 2015.  Now the rates are much different.) so we (husband and me) did.  I didn’t get into running until June when we both started getting nervous about not training at all for a full marathon.  It was our first marathon.  

Now it’s a part of my life! Run, exercise, yoga, eat, and cook…. Everything tastes better knowing I killed xxx amount of calories in the morning!

Yes, I am very much a newbie in the running world but I am hoping to keep on runnin’ til my body says no more.