Weekly Recap 2/20-2/26

It’s been a good come back week since I wasn’t running at all the week before last week… too much going on, too much stress… It’s funny how my body just shut down on me.  Normally, running is a way for me to unwind, keep my head clear, and to think things through.  But that week was weird- I just couldn’t.

Here’s the recap for last week:

Monday 2/20 President’s Day which was also the 2017 Great Aloha Run day. 
It was a good day- although the morning was quite chilly with some gusty winds.  Yes, I know, it’s not that cold for most people, but we were all freezing. 
8.08 miles at 9:16/mi pace.  I took it conservatively. Still need to work on pushing myself at these races… I know I can run much faster for 8 miles. 

Tuesday 2/21 Rest day

Wednesday 2/22 3 miles at 9:10/mi on the treadmill plus yoga time!

Thursday 2/23 4.53 miles at 8:51/mi in the morning plus 5 min plank.  It was a great morning run- felt so alive! 
so refreshed! The sky was super clear with tons of stars (but no shooting stars…). 

Friday 2/24 Rest day

Saturday 2/25 6.3 miles at 8:32/mi in the morning before the whole day of errands. Plus 5 min. of plank. Another great fantastic run.  I love these runs! And my time definitely showed- I was flying J I wanted to do an 8-miler but I didn’t have enough time.  C’est la vie. (Note, it was below 60 degrees outside so yes, I am wearing long sleeve shirt😄 can’t help it!)

Sunday 2/26 2 miles at 8:43/mi on the treadmill for warm-up before my strength training at home.  Did a whole bunch of abs workout, little bit of arms/upper body, 40 sumo squats, 40 regular squats (both with weights), and some resistance band workouts.  Felt really good afterwards! 

Total weekly mileage: 23.91 miles. 

I am linking up with Jessie from The Right Fits and Jess from Jess Runs ATL with the weekly recap. 

This week was a good week.  On Sunday, the girls and I baked cookies and also made focaccia bread.  It was fun to see the dough rise.  I also made some really yummy beef stew- another thing I just thought of trying and I made it work! 

Also, this past weekend was the Tokyo Marathon weekend.  My ex-sister –in-law volunteered with her group of coworkers (100 of them!).  I didn’t get to watch the marathon but I did get some glimpse of the race through her photos. 

I am definitely loving my new Brooks Launch 3 shoes. They are amazing! I feel like I am going faster (I know, it’s all in my head).  I was afraid of changing shoes from my Mizuno sayonara but I’m glad I did.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! 

Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!!

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