GAR weekend

This past weekend was the annual Great Aloha Run (GAR) weekend.

Saturday: 2/18

My 34th birthday!

It was the Keiki GAR day- a roughly 1.5 mile run around the Neil S. Blaisdell center. 

Tons of schools participate and each year we always had a great time at this run.

Each year we always make the same mistake of not leaving early enough to beat the parking traffic….. 

Our girls did amazing again and ran the entire way☺

So proud of them!

One sad thing about this year’s Keiki GAR was that the volunteers seemed to be having a bad morning- all of them! And there were no bags/refreshments like other years in the past for adults even though we paid full price for the race…

We also stopped by the expo to pick up the GAR race packet for Monday!

Should’ve taken more photos…. but got kinda distracted with time and people. 

The sign above was pretty funny.

Sunday: chill day and errands day plus our local carnival afternoon 

Monday: woke up at 3:30😥

Parked at the stadium and got on the bus that took us to the Aloha Tower (starting point)

Last year, my time was 1:12:something and so even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to PR, I kinda wished that I would be able to.

It was my first race post surgery and it was a very exciting race since I had such a great time and pace last year.

Well, I didn’t PR and my time was 1:14:something 

2 minutes slower than last year but I felt good.  I felt like I could’ve went on longer and maybe even ran ten miles at that pace.  I ran very conservatively because I really didn’t want to come into the Aloha stadium feeling sick and crappy… I wanted to finish with a smile again 😊

Especially because this could be our last GAR…. 

So I didn’t push myself. To tell the truth I was very scared of pushing myself.  I just cannot get over that fear of feeling sick during/at the finish line. 

The Watanabe floral was giving out roses to runners, many high school bands were performing, the taiko drum group had a nice show, and there were many cheers from volunteers🤗

Overall it was a fun filled weekend with early mornings but it was all worth it😉

Next race: the pineapple 10k in May! This was another fun race. Happy Running!

Some random funny running photos I found on the web:

Darn true statement above. Ohhhh our favorite ice cream is waiting for us! 

2 thoughts on “ GAR weekend

  1. Eri, great job on your race. It may not have been a PR but you’re back to running strong 🙂 Why is this the last GAR? Are you guys moving?

    It’s scary to push yourself to the point where you don’t feel well, but sometimes racing- especially at the end- feels pretty terrible! But then it’s over- the pain is temporary 🙂

    Great review of the race!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jessie
      Thank you! I know I need to overcome my fear of feeling sick- that is my major fear. Probably that’s why I avoided running at all cost when I was growing up and up until two years ago….
      We don’t know about the move just yet! It’s all up in the air🤔 we shall see!


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