Been too long 

This shows how cold it gets out here! And when it’s below 60- I am definitely freezing.  Long tshirt and shorts for runs these days! 

Yum yum yum. 

This and the Chantilly cake are my favorite desserts! 

Made this super yummy five star restaurant grade mushroom bisque.  The white wine does wonders in this soup. 

Not quite sure if it’s this cold weather that’s making me into a soup person but I am enjoying making these wonderful soups from scratch.  Cheddar broccoli soup, chicken tortilla soup, etc. 

Found this gorgeous view of Colorado- made me wish we had this as our view from the living room! 

I missed the chance to link up with my favorite bloggers but here’s my recap of the past week (since I’ve been slacking on this for a while):

Trying to keep that mantra- and it does make a difference to the week.  It gets me in that “mode”.

Monday: 4.2 miles on treadmill @ 8:56/mi

Tuesday: yoga and ab workout (short one)

Wednesday: 4.01 miles on treadmill @ 8:30/mi

Thursday: rest 

Friday: rest

Saturday: 10 miles @ 9:23/mi. This was my first ten miler since the surgery last October. It took awhile for this comeback but I feel great that I hit 10 miles! Slow and felt like a tortoise but I did it! 

Sunday: rest for super bowl Sunday.

Total miles this week: 18.22 miles. 

Very low compared to most of these runners out there but I am pretty content with hitting anywhere from 15-22 miles per week.  It’s my relaxing, enjoyable miles! 

Next race is the Great Aloha Run on 2/20! 

Kids (and us) will be doing the Keiki Great Aloha Run on 2/18.  I cannot wait to see the girls run again 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Been too long 

  1. Great week Eri! Back to double digits, how exciting 🙂

    I have to laugh about 56 being freezing, I would love to run in temps like that right now…hopefully soon spring will be here.

    Good luck on the Great Aloha Run!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jessie!
      Yes for people in HI, anything below 60 means it’s freezing cold. Well, I guess if you’re always hot, it feels nice and cold but for most of us, it’s too cold!
      Yes, finally double digits!!!!!


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