This past week.

Interesting week! 

Monday: holiday πŸ˜† kids and I walked approx. 3 miles total to get this icecream at the store.  Lesson learned: wear normal shoes instead of “slippers” (flip flops).  

This special icecream cost us $10 and a few blisters.  Was it worth it? Very much so.  It got us out of the house, we enjoyed the walk, and the sun! The entire way, the girls were talking about how nice it would be if we had horses to ride on.  Daughter #1 was saying if everyone had a horse, or walked, or rode their bicycles, the air would be much cleaner.  True! 

Also saw

Some pretty amazing stroll in Haleiwa in the afternoon with the girls and their friends. 

Tuesday: 4.25 miles @ 9:06/mi.  It was a great morning run! Not too cold! 

Wednesday: 7.06 miles @ 9:17/mi.  I could’ve kept a better pace but unfortunately somewhere around mile 3-4, I fell…. it was my first fall! 

Thursday: rest day

Enjoying hot coco with Mr.B with the cute cups that the girls made for us! 

Friday: 3.3 miles @ 8:49/mi.  During the run, my knee didn’t bother me too much but every time I take a shower, it stung.  Argh I hate cuts and stuff.  Now I understand how the girls feel every time they come home with a bloody knee.

Saturday: 8 miles @ 8:53/mi.  On. A. Treadmill!!!!!!! Again, I surprised myself.  I never thought I could run 8 freaking miles on a treadmill.  Thanks to Netflix and the shows, it made me tolerate 8 miles….. 

Sunday: rest day.  It’s been quite a long time since I actually spent a day with the tv on most of the day…. it was a football day. 

I am linking up with Jessie and Jess with their weekly recap! 

4 thoughts on “This past week.

  1. Glad you linked up!

    Yikes, your knee looks rough. I hope it’s healing up. What did you slip on?? It’s not like you have ice/snow πŸ™‚

    Great week, looks like you’re definitely back at it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually…. I didn’t really slip on anything. It was the crack in the cement that was a little bulged up and I guess I was in deep thought plus it was dark so I just tripped and fell hard! It’s still whitish yellowish wound and won’t scab up yet. Argh!
      Thank you though for your word of encouragement!


  2. Looks like an amazing week (well except for the fall). I have started looking forward to treadmill runs so I can watch Netflix..binging is so fun, I have been on a Scandal kick.

    Liked by 1 person

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