Two weeks recap! Lucky we live HI! 

Just a sunset view from our front porch. The views of the sunrise and sunset, especially over the mountain range makes it all worthwhile- even with the vog! 

These past few days- we’ve been getting Kona wind which translates to voggy weather.  If you’re living here, you’ll understand that terminology when the radio announces the weather for the day….when he/she says voggy, it’s not a good sign.  Vog everywhere.  The mountains are clouded- the sky is hazy- the air is heavy with “vog”.

Which also means some people (like me) get affected with symptoms like headache (truly felt like my head was four times its size), swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, runny nose…. argh this one was pretty brutal. 

So I took two days off- rest from any running or exercising because my body just gave out on me. 

But here’s the recap from the last 2 weeks and I am linking up with Jessie and Jess for the weekly recap! 

  • Monday 1/2 rest
  • Tuesday 1/3 6.1 miles @ 9:01/mi on the treadmill
  • Wednesday 1/4 3 miles @ 8:50/mi on the treadmill plus ab workouts
  • Thursday 1/5 resistance band workout
  • Friday 1/6 rest 
  • Saturday 1/7 7.1 miles @ 8:47/mi in the afternoon.  One of the best best best runs so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Sunday 1/8 3.79 total miles @ 10:57/mi.  It was a very interesting run day- started off with the trail run with the girls (daughters) and then did the track cuz I wasn’t really “done”.  Lots of stopping and seeing the views on the trails. 

This week (aka voggy week)

  • Monday rest day
  • Tuesday 6.25 miles @ 8:51/mi.  It was pretty cold! But with long sleeves and my shorts, it was perfect. 
  • Wednesday strength training 
  • Thursday rest. Oh the freaking sickness started. 
  • Friday rest again
  • Saturday 7 miles @ 9:09/mi on the treadmill! Plus a little bit of core exercise.I broke 6 miles! Whoop whoop. The first 4 miles was miserable- I just had to get over that hump and then I was fine.  
  • Sunday 3 miles @ 9:01/mi on the treadmill again.  Plus a little bit of core exercise.  I sweat soooo much when I’m running on that treadmill.  

Overall- good week considering how I felt with the weather.

Our daughter #2 lost another tooth! Which meant a tooth fairy came over! And miraculously the fairy knew she was about to start learning ukulele this month so she got pretty crafty with her dollar bills.  Pretty cool! (I give 100+% credit to Mr. B, amazing dad!!) 

Did my plank for the day! I have been slacking big time on my plank time….. (after the seven miles on the treadmill on Saturday)

So that’s all from me with the recap 🙂 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!!

5 thoughts on “Two weeks recap! Lucky we live HI! 

  1. Wow you planked for 5 minutes! Amazing! I’m hosting a challenge right now where we work our way up to 5 minutes. Only at 2 minutes right now!

    I had never heard of “vog” but it sounds awful! Hopefully you are feeling better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually had to look it up to get the correct definition of vog- ha! Vog= (chiefly in Hawaii) smog or haze containing volcanic dust and gases.

      It’s really annoying- and the air gets super heavy….


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