weekly recap: Christmas Week

It’s been quite a challenge for me to get back into the whole groove of running- and I kept it up so I am proud of that but I just haven’t had those “whoopeedeedoo” runs yet.

So here’s the weekly recap:

Monday (my dad’s birthday!)- 5.52 miles @ 9:12/mi ave pace

Tuesday- yoga morning

Wednesday- 5.51 miles @ 9:19/mi ave pace

Thursday- rest day

Friday- 6 miles @ 9:15/mi ave pace on the treadmill.  I just cannot believe how these people run 8+ miles on the treadmill!!!!!! I was dying….. I tried to keep my focus on the Netflix show to keep my mind distracted from the fact that I was running on a treadmill for that long… it was hard! I kept on telling myself, let’s do 3 miles first. After the 3.1 miles, I thought maybe I can do 4 miles…then that became 4.5 miles….then by 5 miles, I was like, if I’m at 5 miles, I better finish this off at 6.  Thank goodness for Netflix.

Saturday- 4.1 miles @ 9:08/mi ave pace.  It was hard…I really felt like I was running with weights around my ankles.

Sunday- rest day

This week’s total mileage: 21.13 miles.

Slowly but surely, right?

This whole running- I feel like I am so heavy and sluggish.  Is it the holiday season that’s making me feel this way or am I just so out of shape?

We all had a great Christmas- started off with the kids waiting patiently for us to come downstairs to open up the presents.  I cooked a nice big brunch and we all ate kinda late.  We also lounged for a bit and then I cooked again for an early dinner so we could go see….Sing!


It was such a cute cute movie!!!!

Kids baked some cookies for Santa! And sprinkled Oats in front of the house for the reindeerswe chilled for a bit on xmas eve at our favorite place.  We also gave the man a gift for the holidays and instead of just a small sample, he gave the girls a huge shaved ice cone. More treats and gifts from our neighbors.

So the girls and I ended up baking 12 things of brownies.  That took awhile! Our entire house smelled like chocolate. 


I’m linking up with Jessie and Jess for the weekly recap 🙂 

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