All about Harvey

Ahhhh the fluffy cute bundle of joy and rambunctiousness 

Harvey- we hope you are having a blast with the new family in Maui….

Harvey came from the Big Island to Oahu for us.  

These were his first days at our house

We knew immediately that daughter #1 was showing signs of allergies

We all thought we could ride this one out.  Hoping she’d get stronger and more immune

But what we didn’t know that both her and I started getting really really bad hives and itched ourselves till we bled…

It was torture. Misery.  And after dealing with the itchiness for two months, we all decided that he would be better off with a family that doesn’t have any allergies.

We had Harvey outside in our yard as an outdoor puppy which kind of broke our heart initially but that didn’t help

We bathed him quite frequently but that didn’t help

We washed everything in the house and in her room but that didn’t help

Nothing helped.  None of the antihistamines would do much.  Maybe an instant relief but that’s it. 

So daughter #1 and I had a serious talk and we both decided that he would be more comfortable and will have fun inside a house with a new family that will love him as much as we loved him. 

She was the dog person

Last Christmas, she wanted a dog encyclopedia.  She has sooooo many books on dogs.  If anyone deserved to have a pet dog, it would have been her. 

She was crushed. 

She was so sad that she was showing so much allergic reactions towards Harvey- A pure poodle! 

So after a long discussion and couple of nights to just settle the thoughts- we’ve decided to find him a new family. 

He came from the Big island to Oahu, and now he’s living happily in Maui. 

What a traveler! 

We really miss him but we know he’s with a good family. 

Merry merry Christmas Harvey!!!!

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