Merry Humpday! 

I love the holiday season but at the same time, I look at my belly and think….. maybe I shouldn’t eat sweets or drink too much hot coco! I just can’t resist our hot cocoa nights.  

Aaaaand why can’t we all follow the school year as the kids? 

I just hate hate hate searching for childcare, babysitters, friends during this season. 

I truly believe if your kids are off from school, we should be too! (Don’t tell me to become a school teacher….)

Our neighborhood likes to decorate the houses/yards and they look so pretty at night.  And one more thing they like to do that we were not used to- handing out treats to our neighbors! 

We were never really a part of a neighborhood like this one until this house.  We love our street- everyone knows each other and we even have an annual block BBQ party in front of this one family’s house.  (It’s a potluck dinner more than BBQ)

So far, we’ve received a custard pie from Sunny Side: 

And the homemade cookies: 

Last year, we just bought the cookies from a store and handed them all out but this year, I’ll bake some brownies and give them out. 

One of our neighbor actually bakes cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning and hands them out to each house.  

Last year was our first Christmas in this house so it was a huge surprise! 

For Halloween- it wasn’t just a candy or two but a whole bag of treats or even small gifts for the kids (I guess for the very few kids on our street).

This morning almost became a lazy morning but my “angel” won against the “devil”.  My alarm went off at 4:45 am since today was my morning to relax from obento (sandwich day)- but as I remember turning off my alarm, my head was just not cooperating.  I fell back asleep.  I also knew that my second alarm was about to go off at 5am.  During this 15 minutes, I had a dream that I actually went running and came back home.  And in my dream, I’m waiting to turn off the second alarm.  Funny and pretty amazing if I could run 6 miles in 15 minutes!!!! 

But of course, it was all a dream and even though I felt like I had already ran for the day, I was debating on whether to go back to sleep or get up and go running (real running, not dream running). 

I debated for about three minutes and I finally got up.  I told myself, “I will feel 10 times better after the run.  If I don’t go run, I’m wasting my non-obento morning.” 

I did but since I woke up 15 min later than initially planned, my six miler became a 5.5 mile run.  Not too bad. 

Let’s see if I can wake up early tomorrow (it will be a 4:30am morning since tomorrow and the next day are obento days) to do some strength training.  My belly says “you better work on your midsection!”  I hate feeling so darn heavy (I know I’m not that heavy….but I feel heavy) every time i go run.

See ya! 

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