Aloha Monday: weekly recap

6 days until christmas!.png

I cannot believe this weekend is already Christmas! It doesn’t feel like it at all….

I still have to wrap presents, send out xmas cards, etc.  

well the above says six days but in reality it’s now five days till Christmas! I meant to post this yesterday but I got swamped…. 

Last week’s recap: 

Monday: Strength training 

Tuesday: so sore from yesterday! Rest day 

Wednesday: 2.4 mile run. Horrible, crappy run.  I thought I was dying- I had the cold and it was just making me really miserable.  I thought to myself- it’s not worth it trying to make this cold worse.  Hey, a bad run is better than no run.  At least I went out there amd tried. 

Thursday: strength training

Friday: 4.05 miles @ 9:06/mi ave

Saturday: 6.07 miles @ 9:15/mi ave.  my first six mile debut since the surgery! 

Sunday: yoga class with the kids but didn’t really end up doing yoga- more like a stretch session for me.  But the kids were happy.

Weekly total: 12.52 miles.  Finally it’s above ten miles.  Ha! 

Slowly but surely.

Kids went to this bday party last Saturday- dress up, make up, hair do, and have a tea party.  The kids loved it! 

Mr. B and I meee to get out to the trails…. more trail runs next year for sure! 

After the yoga class- kids scored these cute headbands from ivivva.  I love this- it’s a mini Lululemon! Everything is just the same- just more colorful and vibrant than our Lulus.  

I like Brooks products cuz of the whole “we run happy” motto.  Just trying to motivate myself with these reminders above. 

Happy Monday/Tuesday! 

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