Below 60….. freezing!

Last week’s recap: 

Monday- rest day

Tuesday- nothing again (I feel like a slob) but a very emotionally draining day at work again! If it’s not one thing, it’s another. 

Wednesday- 4 mile run.  Emotionally draining day #2.  Dealing with panicking young people is quite stressful! 

Thursday- with house guests, I had no intention of going out for a run. So again, no exercise for me :(. Stress level is rising!!

Friday- again left the house in a rush with the guests so no time to exercise in the morning.  We were signed up for this class at the new gym in Kailua- for the entire family and since I got off from work early we were quite excited about it. We drove to Kailua only to find out that daughter #2 and I were seriously feeling sick.  Why did we even go??? I have no clue.  

Saturday- 3.5 mile run in the sun again.  I thought it was a little cloudy so it won’t be that hot but I was wrong! 

I was definitely hurting!! 

Sunday- nothing again! Had house guest and she spent one more night with us that night and off she went with her mom who flew in from Japan.  Our mission to keep her safe was accomplished! 

So that was last week and this week is about to end. 


Anyway as the title says, below 60 is freezing cold.  I know it sounds crazy and most people in the mainland are probably laughing at this but it really made me NOT want to go out for a run this morning! 

But I put my cotton long sleeve tshirt on (I realized I had no long sleeve running shirt) and my Lululemon shorts.  It was good! My nose, my cheeks, and my hands were cold but after 1 mile, I warmed up 🙂 

I think the temp said it was 58 degrees. 

For us people in Hawaii- this is freezing temperature! 

I respect all of those runners out there running in the snow/cold. 

I don’t know how y’all do it! 

This weekend, we’re planning on taking the girls to the complimentary yoga class again for kids in the morning! 

They’re super excited. 

I just need to find them a good yoga studio!!!  I’ve noticed that it’s hard to find one that offers keiki (kids) yoga class out here.  Maybe this is a sign for me to start really studying yoga so I can get certified and then I can hold kids yoga classes 😏 haha!

This year is about to end and I know I’ve been in this rut for a long time.

  1. Began with the umbilical hernia and the emergency surgery 
  2. Taking 6 weeks off for recovery 
  3. Had 3 DNS races 
  4. Catching colds and getting sick quite frequently
  5. Parting with our son, Harvey (he was  our puppy)- this is a long story so I’ll write about him on a separate post
  6. Crazy (like seriously crazy) things happening at work nonstop one after another 

But last night Mr. B reminded me- to focus on the good parts

Yes- that is very very true.  We have a healthy happy family and nice & cozy house to keep us safe. 

I’ll be thinking about the good positive things that we will be doing/planning next year.  

Oh and one more cute thing: daughter #1 finally lost her tooth the other day and she had a visitor! Tooth fairy aka Glitterbelle. Creative Mr. B put these dollar bills in the shape of a tooth and a heart next to her bed while she waited for the letter to come in.  Took a little bit since we were all busy at work- (yes, it’s my coworker who wrote this cute letter). 

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