Long long week

Oh I cannot believe it is already Sunday evening.  This week felt like it would never end and once the weekend started, it flew by… so sad.

This is how we ended the week (on Friday) by going to our favorite restaurant- Monkey Pod and then an evening stroll to the beach. 

When I got my package from Herbivore, I got a pencil and a 2 oz Rose Hibiscus water as complimentary gifts to the order.  Daughters are loving this Rose water (and so do I!).  

This time we got the Detox bath salt.  Pretty much it was for free because I ordered my regular facial oil and with the Black Friday special, the discount paid for this bath salt.  So far so good! It’s got a very refreshing scent.  

Saturday- we walked over to the craft fair and I got this handmade pot holder? I don’t know what you call them but it’s the nabeshiki.  And we topped off our bellies with this dessert šŸ™‚ our very first funnel cake! They are so yummy! I do miss Japan for its food but I love this kind of American yumminess! 

Sunday- another chilly (during the day was around 72-74, morning was quite chilly at 65!) day calls for some hot coco on the porch.  These mugs are special to us because they are our daughters’ artwork from last year. 

Daughter #1 finally lost her tooth! It’s been daughter #2 losing her teeth lately so it was a nice change.  Tonight, a tooth fairy will be visiting our house! (Note: I cannot forget this….. I’ve done it several times and I felt SO horrible….like the worst mom ever) 

Finally decorated the xmas tree! In my personal opinion I think we need to downsize the tree cuz it’s just overwhelmingly big…. luckily we have vaulted ceiling so it’s not crowding the space too much but still…. I like having the space in our living room. 

Now to recap this week: I am linking up with Jessie and Jess

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: 3.4 miles @ 9:32/mi ave pace

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: 3.7 miles @ 9:23/mi ave pace

Friday: rest day 

Saturday: 3 miles @ 9:23/mi ave pace

Sunday: morning yoga with the kids at Ivivva store and 1.33 miles @ 10:02/mi with the kids by the Ala Moana beach park- magic island.

This week was super tough.  It was an emotionally draining week because of the tragic accident that killed young lives. 

Everyday I came home very tired, worn out, and drained.  Emotionally it was hard to deal with seeing things unfold in front of you. 

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! 

One thought on “Long long week

  1. Thanks for linking up! Don’t forget to add your link to our site with the “add link” button so you’ll show up at a linker!

    That funnel cake looks delicious! It’s funny to me that you say 65 degrees is chilly šŸ™‚ I would love for it to be 65 degrees right now!

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