Weekly Recap: Thanksgiving Long Weekend!


I cannot believe how this year is about to end soon!!! Time flies, especially when you have kids.  We just recently saw a 4 month old baby and I still remember our girls being that tiny….and now, they’re 9 and 7! How did they get so big so fast?!

Weekly Recap returns 🙂 I am linking up with Jessie and Jess. I hope they don’t mind even though I only have 3 days to post on recap.

Monday- feeling that sore from the run on Sunday.  I guess not running at all for 6 weeks straight does this to you!

Tuesday- nothing exercise wise.  Staying super busy at work and at home.  And then, I got the scare at night- I saw my inguinal area was red and swollen.  I seriously wanted to cry because I thought to myself, could it be inguinal hernia?! Seriously?!

Went to the E.R., came back home at 1 am.  It wasn’t an inguinal hernia 🙂 hooray.
It was my swollen lymph nodes because I had these 2 insect bites that were super red, swollen, itchy, and infected. Yikes.

Talk about this atoyaku year.  As a 33 year old female, I am dying for Feb 2017 to come around so I can be done with this ato yaku year!

Wednesday- took it easy, started on the antibiotics, no exercise again.

Thursday- wanted to go for the run in the AM but decided not to.  Cooked, cooked, cooked, and baked in the kitchen all morning/day long.

Friday- we were supposed to go camping but that was cancelled last minute and so we hung out with some friends instead.

Saturday- 3.11 miles @ 8:56/mi.  Whoop whoop. My lungs hurt.
surprisingly, my legs weren’t the ones that told me to stop but it was my stamina.  I had no energy! and my lungs were just feeling the burn… Feels so good to see my shoes again. It’s so dirty from the light drizzle….

I kept it at 3 miles because I know I shouldn’t go longer than 3 miles right now.

Sunday- 3 miles @ 9:06/mi.  It was tough with going uphill the first half but I enjoyed going downhill 🙂

After keeping up a very good pace (going downhill- 8:35, 8:16, 8:15, 7:36…my splits are broken down in 0.5 mile increments) I tried to stay with Mr. B but he booked it right by our house so I just tried my hardest which was my 7:36.  I never go that fast!!

Monday (today)- leg workout in the AM.  I did a whole bunch of lunges, single leg lunges, ballerina lunges, squats, kicks, bridges, and just 10 leg raises (still super scared to do any real ab workout), and 2 min plank (did this twice throughout this morning’s routine). Slowly but surely I’ll get back to where I left off.

My plan is to keep the 3 mile runs for this week, maybe go up to 4 miles on the weekend.

I am NOT going to push myself because I know that if I try too hard too fast, I will end up with some kind of injury.

Well I hope everyone had a nice weekend!!!!





2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Thanksgiving Long Weekend!

  1. Glad to hear you’re easing back into it. Thanks for linking up. Welcome back to running 🙂 I too am ready for 2016 to be behind us. 2017 will be a great year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jessie!
      I feel rejuvenated:) I’m just glad it’s not freezing cold/snowy out here…. it’s still cold for me but compared to what I am reading on these blogs, it’s nothing comparable!
      Yes. Let’s make 2017 a wonderful year!!


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