This day….

This day needs to get better. 

In fact, I need the new year to begin with new positive-ness. 

First, we hear that there was another tsunami warning that asked people living around the coastline of Fukushima, Ibaraki, and some of Chiba to evacuate.

All I could think of was, not again…. 

thankfully, my mom responded right away and told me that they’re okay.  She didn’t even feel anything as she was sleeping and they’re far from Ibaraki/Fukushima area.

Second, I had a meeting with my boss; there are so many things changing, especially the duties and the working hours. I was truly enjoying my working hours (early start, early finish).  Anyway things may change around here. 

Anyway- on a positive note- 

I finally went for a nice and easy 3 mile run with Mr. B 🙂

I felt great but the sun really kicked my butt as well as my lack of stamina and energy. 

It was a good run though. 

Then we enjoyed our day at Waimea Bay for some beach and rock climbing 

Mr. B found this at the top of the cliff.

Then a beautiful sunset 

I thought this was pretty funny because it’s the truth.

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