Humpday Wednesday


Okay. It’s been 5 weeks + 4 days post op.  I’ll be honest. I was enjoying waking up at 5:30am instead of 4:30am every morning to get my runs/exercises in.  But at the same time, I’ve been going crazy because I feel like I’m missing out on something.

We’ve started the walk/jog a little bit since last Saturday but yesterday, I was pretty down.  Plus the rain didn’t help when we set out for our PM walk with Harvey.

I know this year isn’t my year (it’s yakudoshi for me- 33 years old, female.  We usually have these yakudoshi the year before, the actual year, and the year after) so I know things haven’t been working out for me.  The more I try to go forward with something, I feel like I am going backwards.

Just a few days ago, I got that really good blow.  It was like a kick in the guts kind of feeling and it really brought me down.


On the same day, Mr. B also got me a surprise gift and it cheered me up a little so I enjoyed the hot coco in this special cup that he gave me.

I never imagined myself having a surgery, having 2 (almost 3) DNS races, taking 6 weeks off from running, and just getting negative results one after another.


I have to look on the positive side.

Mr. B has been super supportive, and without him, I know I would have fallen hard(er).

The kids have been super duper sweet, showering with their love and cuteness.

Harvey….. well, he’s just a pup. All he does is create mess and work for us but he does have those cute moments. And boy, can he run. When we went for the walk/jog, he ran along us and all of a sudden, as if someone turned on his turbo switch, he just went super fast.  I’m glad I wasn’t holding the leash when it happened cuz he would’ve dragged me.

This morning, I finally did my yoga. My everlasting yoga pants from Lululemon- probably like 14 years ago?! As well as my first yoga mat that is just lasting forever.  This one isn’t a Lulu mat but its been with me from Japan–WA–HI–Japan again–HI again.

It was refreshing and it allowed me to organize my thoughts and feelings.  I truly enjoyed the lion pose- lion-pose

Deep breathe in- deep breathe out with force.  Trying to get rid of the negativity inside of me.

I must have sat in a wrong way last night when I was organizing the kids’ books cuz my knee felt a little “off”.

So this pose hurt- normally, this is part of the sun salutation B but I skipped this one particular asana in the series because I really did not want any more injury to keep me from running again.

I am hoping (really really hoping) that I can go for my celebratory run this Saturday- marking my 6 weeks post op 🙂

It will probably be a very short slow run, but that’s ok. I’m going to just enjoy these shorter runs for now.  Until I find that one small short race in the near future, I will just run for pleasure.



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