Aaaand it’s Monday again.


It’s back to the chaotic morning routine- (well, not quite.  I haven’t started running yet in the AM so it’s not AS chaotic as it used to be) it’s Monday! and it’s a regular 5-day week! ugh.

It was so nice to know that last week was a 4-day week.  I think every week should be a 4-day week.

It really gives me one extra day to do all the errands so I can schedule a full “fun” day on the weekend without having to worry about too much stuff.

Well. Last Thursday, to celebrate the 4-day week (or the 3-day weekend), I made the cute heart-y lunch for the kids and Mr. B.  Our lunch menu for that day was:

  • hijiki gohan (I layered the white/brown rice with hijiki + sesame+ seaweeds and then layered another white/brown rice and put the seaweed on top) Hijiki is FULL of iron and minerals.
  • eggs
  • broccoli
  • chicken+bacon w/white wine cream sauce
  • mashed potato under the chicken
  • Cabbage with garlic and ham 

I do enjoy making these healthy, yummy, decorative lunches but soon as I start running again, it will have less decoration (sorry kids!) but the menus won’t change 🙂

Saturday- we went to the beach with Harvey for the first time!

I don’t think Harvey likes the water too much…….. ehhhhh he’s a Poodle (water dog) but doesn’t seem to like the water.

Maybe after a couple tries, he will enjoy? I hope?

But he had a blast with his first play date with another dog, and being part of the pack with the kids.  Although the kids seemed to be shooing him away because he was destroying whatever they were trying to build in the sand.  He didn’t give up! He kept on trying!

Beach BBQ, a little bit of sun, sand, playing croquette, walking around… all got everyone pooped by the end of the day.  It would’ve been worse if it was blazing sunny day but it was more of a cloudy day.

Mr. B bathed Harvey once we got home and I blow dried his hair- normally, he’ll be hyper but he was done! He was like, “go ahead. dry me, poke me, do whatever.. I’m pooped!”.  He actually fell asleep when I was drying him.

Sunday- farmers market, kids’ school projects, and moving furniture around!

Kids have been asking to have separate rooms for a while now.  We purged, organized, and cleaned out the toy chests.  It was time.

We sorted out the books, moved the furniture around, and finally they have separate rooms!

We still have a lot to do to make the rooms cozy and workable, but for now, it works.

Mr. B and I also took a fast paced walk with Harvey too.  We jogged a little, walked a little, and we jogged a little again.  My belly seemed okay, it wasn’t giving me any discomfort 🙂
Yeay! I’m hoping this is a good sign!

This past weekend marked my 5 weeks post op, so I am definitely going to slowly get my exercises back into my routine.

Slowly but surely 🙂




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