Happy happy birthday!


It’s November! 1 more month until the end of the year! Oh how time flies….

And today is November 2nd which means…….


and in Hawaiian…


I borrowed the above image from Pinterest so- please, don’t think I am this greatest artist. I am definitely not an artist….

I hope he had a blast- too bad I am at work and the kids are at school.  He spent his morning rock climbing in Waimea.  We will definitely be celebrating this evening 🙂
With some pasticho (lasagna) and other yumminess.

and it’s been getting quite chilly! Fall in Hawaii means- morning/nights the temperature drops to around 65-68 and we are freezing.  Mr. B says it feels good but it’s cold…. and it will get colder.  Last winter, it was around 53 at the lowest in our area.  In Manoa, it dropped to below 50!

It might not seem like much but think about it- we’re all dressed in summer clothes with bare feet and no heater…. so it is freezing for us!


Lately, I’ve been craving hot cocoa a lot!

cute-cocoa Isn’t this cute?  I gotta find some heart marshmallows so I can do this with the kids and Mr. B.

And with these colder temperatures, I’m daydreaming of relaxing at the serene hot springs village:

Just closing my eyes and picturing this in my mind makes me feel nice and cozy.

Mr. B and I have been talking a lot about where we would want to live after Hawaii.  Should we try the East coast? West coast? Stay in HI? hmmmmm any ideas?

The funny thing is- with every choice, we’re thinking of what kind of races/places we can run/what kind of trails do they have…. interesting to see how our minds are leading to running and enjoying the outdoors now.  I don’t think I’ve ever thought like this!

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