Happy Halloween!


I guess everywhere else in the US, the kids are content and exhausted from all the trick or treating but we have yet to start! I guess we have a few more hours till we start heading out.

Not exactly the way I wanted to decorate the rice portion, but I was out of the regular big sized sea weed to make a cute jack-o-lantern.

Today’s Halloween obento: bloody salmon (it’s ketchup), ghost sausage, trick or treat egg omelet, tofu cubes, and rice.  I still remember the day I made the really cute one with the witch (I even made sure I had the curly red hair for the witch that I made from a spaghetti) for their Halloween lunch 2 years ago.

I hope the kids enjoyed their lunch.

Too bad we couldn’t dress Harvey up for Halloween this year…. next year, he will definitely be dressed up so we can go trick or treating together!  His last set of shots will be done this Saturday, and 2 weeks from that day, we will be going for his first walk! So exciting!

This past Saturday marked my 3 weeks post op, and so far I’ve noticed:

  • my butterfly stitches are still there…when will they fall off?  The top one is peeling just a tad bit but not enough to fall off.
  • I’m getting less dizzy and fatigued even after I do a lot of things around the house.
  • I’m still scared to do anything exercise wise…. so maybe I’ll start slowly with walking and squats? I just need to find a good routine that will not use my core.
  • My belly is still a little poochy and (hoping) it’s just a little swelling from the whole thing but I doubt it…
  • the incision area sometimes feel a little prickly.
  • no more crazy pain 🙂

I touched the stitches area over the butterfly stitches and I feel like it’s hard.  Is this normal????



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