Getting Stronger! non-running days!

Time flies!

Aloha Tuesday.png

Tomorrow is daughter #1’s cross country meet and she is super excited and nervous!

She was wishing for her and the rest of the 3rd grade girls to do well tomorrow when she blew her fallen eyelash this morning.  I really hope she does well.  She’s been training hard!

My friend also had this photo up on her FB and just reminded me that time sure does fly!

I cannot believe it’s almost the end of October, which means Thanksgiving is around the corner, which also means that xmas decorations will be put up soon….

I love Christmas season more than Halloween just because it feels so festive and warm.
Although it’s not a cold Christmas in HI, I just love seeing all the wintery decorations.



Since yesterday, I’ve noticed that I have these painful parts on the bottom of my right foot- and no, it’s not PF but if you look at the map of your feet, it points to the intestines.  I guess my stomach is feeling a little tired and I’ve (somehow) accumulated some toxins in my body.  I’m trying to massage the bottom of my foot, but not overdo it.  Pressing that one point (in blue dot along the red line, called the Yusen point) will actually refresh your body and mind.  Press as you breathe in and relax as you breathe out.


I bet it would be so painful to wear this, but I’d love to try this! ha! It’ll be a torture for sure!!ashi-tsubo-sandals

Speaking of foot massage- we used to go to this place called the Doppo No Yu (the foot hot springs) in Japan-


It was so nice.  Hot springs just for your feet! There are like 9 different hot springs that you can walk around and enjoy.  Some have those smooth rocks in the bottom so the more you walk around in that hot spring, the more your feet get massaged (and enjoy the torture hehehe).

It was a little bit of a hike to get up to the top of this mountain and at the top, you will find this hot springs.  We would always go in November, so the air is crisp, the stream running down the mountain is crystal clear, and it is just gorgeous in Yugawara at this time of the year.

Ahhh I sure do miss the hot springs in Japan!!!

Again, this post has NOTHING to do with running but hopefully, one day, I’ll be posting about my runs again.






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