happy monday!

happy-mondayI’ve been wanting to put something Halloween-y for my happy xxx-day and I just realized, October is about to come to an end.  Time flies so quickly!!!!

To stay positive, I’ve been reading the heck out of other blogs- some really motivate me and some just gets me so depressed.

I think…since we didn’t get to do the Gunstock Half Marathon this year, I would really love to train for next year’s race.


The above is from their blogsite and we already know that the next year’s date will be 10/21.

Let’s just say I get back to running in late November, I’ll have at least 11 more months to prepare myself for a trail half marathon.  The views look amazing:


It’s supposedly quite hilly.  I forgot if it was pretty technical or not- but I know with enough time on the trails, we can get our training and be prepared for it. (I hope)


We shall see.

I do remember that one of my goal for this year was to incorporate more trail runs- and we’ve only done like 2? trail runs….

So. I hope that next year, I will be able to do more with Mr. B.

I think road races are fun, but I’d like to add more trail runs (or races).  But these road races are the races that I had a great time running-

  1. Great Aloha Run (8 miles)
  2. Pineapple Run (10K)
  3. Freedom Run (10K, but ran the first 5K with the kids so even though it wasn’t a PR or anything, it was a great experience)
  4. Boca Hawaii 15K (I took my time at each aid station so obviously, time wasn’t my priority but I still made it back faster than I expected)

Just by looking at the above list, I can tell I didn’t really enjoy the longer races. hahaha

Next year, we will probably skip the Hapalua half marathon but instead, try to sign up for the Hibiscus half marathon.  Their medals are super cute (obviously, it’s a hibiscus medal) and their race course runs a much friendlier hill (because it comes in the beginning) than the Hapalua (the hill came after you run through downtown Honolulu, and it was up Monsarrat Ave.- felt like a never-ending hill).


If it’s possible, I’d like to say- one marathon, one road half marathon, and one trail half marathon.  But that’s again, really up to how I feel.  I don’t want to put any pressure on myself, and perhaps, we may not even do a full marathon next year.  Who knows?

All I know is that I was truly having a great time/routine with running around 25-30 miles per week and the longer runs on the weekend was about 8-10 miles.  That was just perfect.  Anything more became a little demotivating because I’d end up not having those great running moments.  But then again, who knew that I’d be able to run 8-10 miles in the first place?  Just 2 years ago, the most I could run was 2 miles.  So there you go.  With time and practice, I built my endurance and strength.

Now, I shall focus on my recovery and just figure out a way (still trying! I can’t help it) to do something- anything with my time during this recovery to at least get my strength and fitness level back up.

I know, doing crazy ab workout is out of the question, but I want to do something! I can’t just sit around and not do a damn thing.




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