Chillaxday Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon and we are finally getting started with the “danshari” (basically it’s purging). 

Started off with our routine- getting to the farmers market to get our veggies, then home to make some pancake breakfast 🙂 

Today’s temp is just perfect fall weather for us- about mid 70-high 70. 

So it called for: 

Hot coco! 

It’s been getting chilly (in HI terms so it’s around mid 60’s.  once it drops below 60 it’s freezing for us) at morning and night so this was just a nice afternoon break.

Today we will be making some okonomiyaki for dinner! 

Aaaaand we ate them all without taking any photos.  Oops. 

So here is an image of okonomiyaki taken from the internet:

Lots of different varieties you can have but for us tonight, we had the basic simple ones with pork.

Just note to self: don’t overeat because my belly doesn’t feel so good when it’s stretched… I feel like I’m splitting that incision part! Plus, I need to watch how much I eat now since I am not “running it off”….

Other yummy varieties include sea food, kimchi pork, etc.

Maybe next time 🙂

And since I have more time to be in the kitchen on the weekends, I puréed some kabocha pumpkin for future dinners.

It’s super nice when I make these in advance and freeze them so when I’m ready to use, it’s already puréed! 

I like using this purée for the creamy cheesy pumpkin pasta. It’s so yummy 🙂

We also got a huge pile of toys that the girls decided they do not want to keep anymore so we shall be getting rid of them soon!  Hooray to purging.  I wanna know if we have enough things to sell at a garage sale.  Kids want to do them so badly because they want to sell their stuff.  

Well, it was a fruitful weekend and I hope to have another good week! 

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