Two weeks…

It’s my two weeks post op day! It feels like it just happened a few days ago but now that I am feeling o-kay to laugh, cough, and sneeze without flinching, I guess I am on a good road to recovery.

Thanks to Mr. B, he’s been quite a helpful husband- doing a lot of things around the house.

I think our daughter #2 has found her little brother 🙂

Harvey fell asleep to her soft patting on his back and then snuggled up to her chest to sleep.

Ended up picking up the packet for tomorrow’s HMsA 30k race that will be our DNS race. Argh. Makes me so sad and upset and just chagrined that we cannot do this race even if we are not 30k ready.

I freakin miss feeling the runner’s high! I miss those really really good runs in the morning, seeing the sunrise over the mountains.

Other than feeling those dizzy feelings from time to time and getting super duper tired (quite) easily, I’m doing good.

And that’s the bad part- because I’m feeling okay, I do my normal stuff like getting home and going straight to doing housework or cooking.  Then after a whirlwind of doing stuff, I get super tired and even dizzy.

I just cannot wait to feel 100% again.  And that day cannot get here sooner!!!!

Just in case anybody (and I really hope that nobody ever goes through this like I did) is going through this umbilical hernia- I found this amazingly well written blog called: Relentless Forward Commotion and her  Umbilical Hernia Recovery post speaks for all of us who went through or are going through this thing.  It’s like she read my mind and wrote everything for me! Every point is so darn true.  Anyway, I was pretty amazed at her recovery period and how quickly she bounced back.  But I also know that-

  1. I’m not a personal trainer, so my background in training and working out is nothing compared to her
  2. I haven’t been running crazy miles like she was prior to this surgery so even though I do miss running, I won’t be able to get back to it as quickly as she did.

Anyway, my road to recovery is slowly but surely happening and I just cannot wait to go for that first (amazing) run (and hopefully, it won’t be a sucky run).

We got some cute mini pumpkins and medium sized pumpkins.  I bet it’s completely different from normal pumpkin patches in the mainland- it’s definitely not cold (it was about mid-80’s), people are wearing short sleeves/shorts/flip flops, and nothing really resembles “fall” season….

Not carving this year because they rot with a quickness once you carve them! They attract flies too so we definitely don’t want that by our door!!

Tomorrow will be our purging day! We call them “danshari” and I cannot wait to do this.  The girls finally said they want separate rooms so we will be doing some major reorganizing, purging, and cleaning the playroom so they can move the bed to the other room. Ahhh I cannot believe they already want separate rooms!!!

What happened to our little babies? They’ve grown so much too quickly…!!! And when I say this, people tell me, just wait till they start choosing colleges. Yikes! I am not ready for that!  (luckily, we have some more years till that happens)

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