One week has passed…

I cannot believe that just last week, at this time, I was being wheeled off to the OR. 

And here I am, walking around (less hunched over than a few days ago), cooking (but MR. B takes over for lifting or reaching things), and just being a little more normal than a few days ago. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- I was in a lot of pain so we basically were couch potatoes- Mr. B and I watched a lot of tv and movies at home.  

Thankfully, our daughters’ friend took them out to places and they even had sleepover parties two nights in a row. 

Getting in and out of the truck is still a little hard- I haven’t driven since last week so we shall see how that goes come this Monday when I go back to work! 

I took off the gauze and the tape- that itself was very painful!!! But the other part (the butterfly stitches? The strips) is still on my belly- the kids and I are wondering when they will “disappear”. 

I guess this whole testing really took away my energy and fitness level to a whole different level- just a little bit of walking around gets me tired.  But that doesn’t stop me from walking around because I know I will go super crazy if I had to sit for a full day and just go to sleep. 

So things we did to make me a happy recovering person: 

Nothing beats this yumminess overload from Scoop of Paradise πŸ™‚ cookies n mint! And Kona coffee! 

Finally decorating the house with fall and Halloween stuff πŸ™‚

Harvey is getting big! And he likes to sleep on his back- with his belly all exposed.  He twitches and talks in his sleep! 

He also had his vet visit (last Saturday).  Funny I was limping during this visit cuz of my pain in the abs and thinking it’s just a pulled muscle.  He did great with the shots and now we know that he can go outside on 11/19!!!!!! Finally!!!!! One more vet visit (for shots) and two weeks later,  we can officially and safely take him out for a walk.  The kids are soooooo excited. 

They were a bit bummed that they couldn’t dress Harvey up for Halloween to go trick or treating.  

When will I be able to go run???? 

I am definitely sad that we will be missing the last two races from the marathon readiness series: the 30K and the half marathon before the actual marathon.

I don’t think I will be able to run this year’s marathon.  This is such a bummer because I FINALLY got into a good routine of running- adding speed and mileage.  I was doing great with strength training and doing yoga at home.  I was finally in the whole groove of things. 

But that whole “you cannot run” thing hasn’t hit me yet.  Not full force at least.  Maybe when I miss the next weekend’s 30K, I will? 

And I know that I will be scared shitless when the time comes to work on my abs/core again.  I miss doing those workouts because it made me a stronger person.  But I will definitely be scared.  Scared that something will pop out again.  That pain will come back again and then I’ll have to go in for another surgery.

Well, I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend and I will be daydreaming about becoming a strong runner again. 

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