Well….. an unexpected weekend

Well something unexpected happened over the weekend. 

And no, I didn’t break my leg(s).

Last week’s recap:

Monday: 3 miles with the lovely mini runner, daughter #2

Tuesday: attempted to run 2.3 miles on treadmill, 1 mile outdoors.  Knee started to hurt again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Wednesday: 5.17 miles outdoors with knees hurting during the downhill

Thursday: strength training

Friday: yoga and then swimming for 1 hour

Okay so this weekend began on my Aloha Friday- at work, after I ate lunch, I started to feel this gassy feeling in my stomach and I figured passing gas would help me.  But it didn’t.

The gassy/ side stitch pain was there and after I got home, we all went to the pool.  I did laps with the kick board and Mr. B taught me how to swim so I tried- maybe I did like fifteen minutes of that.  Total swim time was one hour and I was tired! 

I have no idea how these athletes swim 5000-8000m for a race! 

Anyway, I ended up going to bed with that pain on my right side and I woke up the next day (Saturday) with the pain.

At this point, I wasn’t feeling super confident that it would go away on its own so we headed to the nearest ER.  The RN told me it’s probably my pulled muscles that’s inflamed. 

Well, after we got back home, I made lunches for everyone but normally I would eat everything but I just didn’t have much appetite.  I looked at my belly in the mirror and I saw something….

A little red bulge by my belly button.

I knew that wasn’t normal and I looked and touched Mr. B’s belly button area and his felt normal, and mine didn’t.  I could easily feel the painful little bulge.

We went to the bigger ER this time and I was feeling nauseated and panicky- they told me I cannot eat or drink until they do further testing but thankfully, they gave me an anti- nausea pill.

After being poked for an IV, poked in the belly button (very painful), ultrasound and x-ray tests, they just admitted me and brought me straight to the OR.

My very first surgery and it just all happened so quickly…. I had no time to really think but I was just scared! 

Our good friends took the girls for the night so Mr. B could stay with me.

Everything went well- it was an umbilical hernia and they were worried that my intestines were poking out and dying because the circulation was being cut off.

The nurse said that because I had the diastasis recti (split ab muscles) during my second pregnancy and the fact that I was very active, this hernia happened.

Oh, the first photo- I seriously think all the finishing stations should have this at the race! The compression socks or whatever they were- they were massaging my calves all night long and it felt great! That was nice ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I’m hoping for a quick recovery but the pain is just there…. I can barely walk, sit up, or laugh.  Laughing makes me cry! The kids were shocked when I started crying cuz it was supposed to be a funny moment at one point. 

Yep, the next morning after the surgery (I’m guessing I went in to the OR around 9pm or so), the doc said “okay, you wanna go home?” And kicked us out of the hospital. 

So I am being pampered at home, and the fun begins. 

I cannot believe that I will be out from any type of exercise for the next four to six weeks.

No lifting, no running or jogging, and no jumping. 

I guess this will conclude my marathon training for this year.  I shall concentrate on getting better and coming back as a stronger runner for next year. 

I am linking up with The Right Fits and Jess Runs ATL.

I may not be able to post any more running recaps for awhile so I will be running through everyone else ๐Ÿ™‚ 

4 thoughts on “Well….. an unexpected weekend

  1. Oh my gosh Eri, just catching up…so scary! Glad you’re okay. Running will always be there, heal yourself up and you’ll run the marathon next year. Send healing vibes your way from Minnesota!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so behind on my blog reading and I just now am seeing this. When I was reading this I thought you were going to say it was your appendix. Either way, so, so scary. I’m so glad you guys went back to the ER and pushed for answers. Running will be there for you when you’re ready. Take care of yourself, sending positive healing vibes your way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jess!!!!
      It was a good thing i looked in the mirror and saw that bulge too. The Nurse told me if I had waited longer, it would’ve been way worse.
      I am starting to feel that feeling of oh, I wish I was out there running when I see runners outside.
      Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚


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