Aloha Friday!

Aloha friday!.png

It’s Aloha Friday~ No Work Til Monday~!

The other day, I was able to get this fresh Kauai shrimp and Waimanalo Portabella mushrooms.  They were so so so yummy with the white wine creamy sauce I made w/fettucine.  One of these days, I will make our own home made pasta.

This weekend will be another busy busy (and active/suffering) weekend…. that’s for sure.

Yesterday, I attempted the treadmill again.  I was so scared but I did it, finished the run, and I didn’t get any pain.  hooray.  5 miles done 🙂

This morning- yoga morning.  Just 30 minutes because I basically ran out of time taking care of the obento, cleaning up, taking care of the pup, getting kids out of bed, etc. etc.

Yesterday and this morning really made me wish for more time.  I wish there was 28 hours in a day instead of 24.  I need my sleep so I can’t shave off any time from my sleeping time.  I cannot hurry more than I already am with getting from point A to point B (home to work, or home to school to work, work to school to home), and I have a gazillion things I take care of at home once I wake up until I shut my eyes to sleep.  So where can I get more time for myself- to run, to exercise, to do more things?

Yesterday’s treadmill run was pushing it- if I had more time, I really wanted to do a little more of legs/abs and plank time after the run.  Even though as soon as we got home, I did 4 things in a matter of 1 hour.  Cooked dinner (bechamel sauce takes a little time and lovin’), watched over their homework, did the Japanese studying for both of them, and took care of the dog (potty, cleaning up, feeding).  I rushed over to run, then came bath time, and then dinner time, then cleaning up time, then bed time for kids, then more puppy time (play and potty), then it’s already time to go to sleep for this mama.

I really wished there was more time.  Seriously.  Just trying to squeeze in this exercise time is just hard whether it be AM or PM.  AM- I am (very) lucky if I have 45 minutes to run/yoga/exercise.

This morning’s yoga was so……not peaceful.  Not because of the kids, not because of the dog, but because my inner peace was not centered.  I could not focus and I was so out of balance.  With each deep breath, I could feel something clogging/clouding in my chest and my upper back.  My legs were stiff, my neck was stiff.  Normally after I finish my Sun Salutation B, I am sweating and have loosened up my body for all the other asanas. But not this morning.

I’ll work harder to find the inner strength, I’ll work harder to fit the exercise times in, and I’ll try my best to do my best…

This is Harvey- always chilling by my feet every morning when I am cooking.  He must think, gosh, she moves around too much! I just want to relax and go back to sleep on her feet….





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