Happy Humpday Wednesday


It’s Aloha Wednesday~ it’s Humpday Wednesday~

Somehow, I was able to get out of bed at 4:30am again (it’s hard to get my body back to getting up at 4:30am… all last week, my alarm has been going of at 5:30am instead) and drag my butt downstairs to make lunches for everyone.  It’s Wednesday so it’s my “break” day from cooking obentos- just sandwiches for today.

This break is very much needed for me so I don’t have to be slaving over the stove cooking, cleaning, making the obento pretty, etc. 5 days a week.

I got up, finished making the sandwiches, and even though I was planning on leaving the house by 5:15am I didn’t end up leaving until 5:25, and by that time, my original plan to go 8 miles was out the window.  Plus, with just getting back into the whole running routine, I shouldn’t go that far anyway (telling myself that so I don’t feel guilty for not going 8).

I ended up with 6.42 miles at 8:52/mi ave pace.  Not too bad, not as fast as Monday’s run even though I felt like I was going faster than Monday.

It was so pretty outside- the moon, the stars..and then the sunrise over the mountains.  It was definitely a gorgeous view and I felt alive, happy to be able to run, and at the same time, scared that my knee was going to give out.  (Especially when I was going downhill so I took it a little conservatively.)

I also slapped this thing on (called shippu) this morning on my knee- just to play it safe since I kind of felt a little something again.  Not sure if I am overthinking it, but I’m just scared now.

There will be a 25K run this Sunday in Kailua (Brio Ice 25K Race) which is 15.6 miles and I am definitely NOT prepared for this.  DNS or walk/run strategy.  Debating on what to do.  There will be another race this month too, an 18.75 mile race two weekends after this one. Gaaahhhhh. I know I am not ready at all for either of these two races 😦 which then means…I’m not ready for the marathon in December! November seems like a tapering month with just one half marathon race in this marathon readiness series.


Looking back to last year’s training, I know I am so behind on the long runs.  But I am definitely stronger and faster than last year.  I also didn’t enjoy running as much as I do now.

Time to reassess what needs to be done in order to meet the goal to finish the marathon with a smile, and hopefully, I’ll be able to cut my time from 5:19 to sub-5.


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