a long wait….


Ahhh…. I actually do miss this thing.  Running.  I haven’t ran since last Wednesday, when I hurt my knees running on that treadmill…. The treadmill that I’ve been dying to have in our house so when I cannot leave the house to go for a run, I can run in the garage.

Why, did this happen to me….. I was on such a great routine.


Things happen and we just move on.

And then, another thing happened.  A huge routine-changer.  A puppy!

We welcomed a new puppy this Wednesday, he came from the Big Island and the kids have been ecstatic everyday playing with him.  He is a LOT of work though.

Gosh, I feel like we just had a newborn baby.  Except I can’t just roll over, nurse, change diaper, and go back to sleep with the baby.  This one requires getting out of bed, going downstairs, going outside for potty, coming back inside, putting him back into the crate, hear him whimper and whine cuz he doesn’t want to be in there 😦

This happened almost every 2 hours last night and of course, my energy level has dropped to minus 100.  Waking up early in the morning to make obento lunches, getting the kids ready for school, taking care of our puppy “Harvey”, cleaning up after his mess, cleaning up the kitchen, and rushing everyone out the door to school/work (for me)…. it was chaos! Definitely a chaos! I need to find a good morning routine because if this keeps up, my stress level will be out the roof, I won’t get any exercising done at all (PM is as chaotic as the AM- bringing them home from school, homework, Japanese studying, cooking dinner, bath, dinner time, and lots of “potty time” in between all of this) and that will make one unhappy unfit unhealthy mama.


I really want to see if my knee is healed or not so I could go run… even if it’s just a quick 3 miler, I would be happy.  I know if this keeps up, my whole marathon training will definitely be under-trained and I will not be ready at all.  And unlike a guy (psst Mr. B), I cannot just “jump into a race” and be a-OK about it.

Well, that’s why there are no running recaps or weekly recaps from me this time around.

Hope to see you all next time with some good (running) news… crossing my fingers.



One thought on “a long wait….

  1. Well, congrats on the puppy! They are a lot of work in the beginning, but so worth it. It’s only hard for a short amount of time and then dogs are really easy….good luck and stick with it!

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