Aloha Friday!

aloha friday!

Finally 🙂

It’s Aloha Friday~ no work til Monday~!

Today’s morning began with cooking our obento lunches.  It was a very healthy, yummy lunch! (Menu: salmon, purple sweet potato, burdock/carrots, veggies, broccoli, corn bread just because they love them, and rice with furikake)

And then, yoga morning.

It felt super duper nice.  I focused a lot on trying to stretch my shoulders, arms, and neck since I know my chi is not flowing smoothly right now.

Today’s asana: Marichyasana series.  All of them are very tricky but good twisting pose.


  • influence on colon- so it removes waste and toxins
  • benefits the kidneys
  • relieve pain from menstruation

If you’re pregnant, please don’t attempt these poses.

I learned mine a little differently than shown in the photos.  I had my hand tucked in between the leg that is propped up and the other hand that wrapped around would try to hold my hand.  Very difficult to explain in words… but in any way you learn, the deep twisting of your body will massage your intestines.

This weekend will consist of kids’ sleeping over at our house, cleaning, purging, cooking some yummy dinners, maybe even baking some cookies or my very famous brownie fudge pie again (ohhh this is dangerous but hey, I’m on my period again (ugh) so I just want something chocolate-y).

If my knee is okay for a run tomorrow, I’ll attempt it.  If it bothers me even slightly, I will stop and go home. I know the damage will be greater if I try to push through and that’s the last thing I need…

Hope y’all have a great weekend!!!!


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