trying new things…

I woke up this morning thinking maybe I’ll be able to go for a run but then once I got out of bed, my knee had that pain again.  Not good.  So I decided I’ll make the obento lunches and do my strength training at home.  Good idea because while I was cooking, I heard the rain again 🙂

Could running on that treadmill have caused this knee pain…? I was seriously dying to get one since there are mornings that I just cannot go run without leaving the kids at home on their own so when we got it, I was so psyched….

But I am taking precaution and I’m going to let my knee rest/ice for a few days.

Plus my neck…it’s been 2 whole weeks!

Oh well.  Life happens and we just have to deal with it the best way possible.

So the other day, we stopped at the Whole Foods Market in Kahala mall (we usually go to the one in Kailua whenever we’re on that side of the island) and I picked up this very nice oil.  I could not imagine putting oil on my face without getting greasy but this is “dry oil” so it absorbs quite quickly!

It’s fragrant and hydrating.

I think this will be added to my skincare routine now.  I’ve been trying to find another skincare routine since sitting in the office w/ac all day long makes me super dry but once I step outside, I’m back to normal with the humidity in the air.

I’ve tried SK-II line (the usual, treatment essence, stempower essence, stempower cream), Loccitane (shea butter line), Shiseido White Lucent line…

I’ve noticed that Shiseido line didn’t do much justice with the dryness.  I hate being inside a building with AC but I can’t do anything about that (even though there are windows, they don’t open!).

I couldn’t decide whether to go back to SK-II or not but….

Never in a million years did I think about putting oil on my face.  I read about them and seeing how these things do miraculous things- I am on my quest to trying them.

In combination to this, I’m going to keep it very simple- wash, oil, cream.  The cream- I’m thinking about going back to La Mer’s creme de la mer.  I used to have bad (like really really bad) eczema like 11 years ago.  I was so embarrassed of going anywhere because of the redness…. and even though I tried all types of different skin care, the only thing that helped me was the creme de la mer.  Then it went away.  No trace of my eczema and all that redness/flakiness/dryness/etc. disappeared.  It was kind of weird because it haunted me for about a year and then poof! it was gone.

I’m hoping that this wash-oil-cream routine will work for me.  I know with the damage from the sun, my pores and blemishes are bad.  I’m too scared to go to the SK-II counter and have them do those analysis tests (which I used to enjoy doing when I was in Japan.  It was fun times).  But I do remember how fun it was to do a whole lot of research about your skin and taking care of them.  I read an article about how this one surgeon said your face is your second anus (sorry for the unpleasant image) because your face (basically, your skin) shows everything.  All the bad stuff, the good stuff.  Any toxins or damages in your organs will show up on your face in the form of pimples, rashes, etc.  So basically, eat clean, exercise, rest well, and take care of yourself and you’ll have really good skin.

I’m also curious about this oil from Herbivore Botanicals
hb_phoenix_cellregenerating_facialoil_03I might try this one out after the argan rose oil 🙂

Let’s see!

No running for me today (or tomorrow) but instead, I did my 1000 abs challenge again from Blogilates.

Tomorrow will be a nice yoga morning day.  And then we’ll see how my knee is for Saturday.  If it’s all good, then I’ll go for a run.  If it’s still slightly in pain, I am not taking any chances!

Hope you have/had a nice Thursday! One more day til the weekend!


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