Rain, rain, soothing rain

Ahhhh it’s raining again.  And it’s not just a light drizzle kind of rain but the pouring kind of rain.  Last night, it was quite soothing to listen to the rain when I was going to sleep.



Why is it so soothing to listen and watch it rain?

Since this morning it was still very wet outside (raining harder than just a drizzle), I decided to test out that treadmill.

Is it normally this loud? I don’t remember when I ran on the treadmill last…maybe 2 years ago? Longer than that?

So I felt like it was super loud… plus, I should’ve checked  to see how it worked.  I didn’t know where the “pause” button was- and I didn’t like that the display kept on trying to show my pulse but I didn’t have my hands on the handlebars so it wouldn’t have known anyway….

First mile- it was o-kay, but I also felt this slight pain in my right knee.  I never had knee problems before so this was a little scary.  Then by mile 3-4, I started getting into the run so I slowly cranked up the speed with each 0.5 mile and even though my intention was to finish at 6 miles, I could only fit in 5.5 miles (due to the lack of time).  Running on a treadmill allows you to go faster! But that slight pain in my knee….

So although I looooooove this pouring rain, I am hoping it will stop tomorrow.  I kind of wanted to do an easy 5 mile run tomorrow so Friday can be a yoga+strength training day.  Saturday will be the long run (we shall see about this one….not too excited about it.)

I’m used to watching my Garmin and the watch tells me the distance, time elapsed, and the pace.  But the treadmill showed the time and speed.  I’m not used to seeing the speed so that will take a little time to get used to.

Today’s run: 5.5 miles @ 8:49/mi average pace on the treadmill.

Yesterday’s run: 7.55 miles @ 9:02/mi average pace.  I really didn’t feel “it” until I was pushing myself to go as fast as I could up the hill.  Not too bad of a run.

I would really like to find out if there are any tracks that I could go to, so I can do those intervals.  But since there isn’t any around the house (each minute is so precious in the morning- I cannot lose the time to actually drive somewhere to run), I’ll try to incorporate those fartlek and tempo workouts.  Let’s see how this goes!

Happy humpday rainy Wednesday 🙂


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