Last week’s recap+Runner’s HI 20K recap

Yikes! It’s been a week since my last post…


So here is last week’s recap:

Monday: (holiday) 6.31 miles @ 9:17/mi average pace.  Easy, nice run.

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: 3.2 miles @ 8:52/mi average pace.  Plus ab workout. I wanted an easy short run because I wasn’t feeling it, but I wanted to get my legs moving.  Perfect way to split my short morning exercise time before work.

Thursday: 3.06 miles @ 8:43/mi average pace.  Nice and fast! Finally! Plus leg workout.  I did a whole lot of squats (10 sumo, 10 regular, 10 side bends w/20lb weight times 6) and 40 lunges with the same 20lb weight.  Yes, I only have 1 single 20lb weight so every workout I do that I need the weights, I do it with this 20lb weight…

Friday: 3 miles @ 9:28/mi average pace.  Slow and easy again.  Plus ab workout.

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: 12.49 miles @ 9:36/mi average pace (although the actual race website says .  This was the Runner’s HI 20K race.

Total weekly mileage: 28.06 miles.

Not a very high weekly mileage but overall, I had a good week of running and strength training.  Missed out on the yoga morning this week.

So now, the Runner’s HI 20K race.

runners hi 20k race map.PNG

As you can see, it’s 3 loops around the 4 mile road.  The first loop felt like it was never-ending.  Seriously, it went on forever….

I knew it was going to be a “boring” race because of this.  Loops around the same place 3 times and you have to keep count of how many times you ran around in loops.  There are no views, no major hills, no lakes, no  rivers to cross, nothing.  The only views you get are watching the other runners and a few planes here and there.

The second loop wasn’t as bad as the first one.  It went by really fast.

The third loop wasn’t bad either but I got really thirsty from mile 11.5 to 12.  I was also trying to be as conservative as possible because I really did not feel like passing out or not finishing with a smile.  So I kept it at a very good easy pace, stopping at each aid station (except for the very first one), I even stopped for a few minutes while I chewed on my sour lemon gummy (for fueling) and taking my time to drink the water.

You can definitely tell when I stopped at. Aid stations and taking my sweet time.

It seemed like a crowded race but it really wasn’t.

We did see the regular runners- this one runner in particular is very hard to miss.  He is awesome.  Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite movie- but just older and he’s always at the finish line cheering everyone on.  I high-fived him too, as I was running to the finish line 🙂

My friend told me that this race is meant to prepare you for the long boring brutal flat Kalanianaole Highway part of the race.  Yes, that was really really brutal and long- I do remember that very clearly from last year’s marathon.  So that’s why I thought it would be a great training run (plus, this was race #2 of the marathon readiness series).

Mr. B did amazing too even though he barely ran at all this month- or maybe even last month…. it’s really not fair that guys can run without any training.

Anyway, after the race, what did we do?  We picked up the hand-me-down treadmill.  After the race, we’re not really in the mood for running but we couldn’t pass this opportunity.  It’s not brand new but it’ll do the job.  So whenever our schedules don’t allow me to run in the morning because I cannot leave the kids at the house unattended, I can still fit my runs in.

And, it will be good for Mr. B since he usually runs in the PM and he has to fight against all the gnats.

After that, we went home, unloaded the heavy heavy treadmill from the truck, packed up the truck with beach gears and off we went for a relaxin time at the beach.

Then, we had a friend come over for dinner for a small BBQ at our house.  I made some yummy hamburger patties, spinach and artichoke dip (very yummy stuff here), mushroom croissant thingies (I have no idea what to call them but it’s basically sweet onion/mushroom/cream cheese stuffing in the croissant rolls), fruits.  I noticed that we are never out of pineapples here.. “lucky we live HI” 🙂

I have no idea how and where I got all the energy to do all of this stuff- especially preparing for this BBQ but I did it! and everything tasted so wonderful!

What a day!!!!!!!! Started at 4am, went to bed by 10pm.

Yesterday, my parents left for Japan…. So sad.  Now, it’s all on me to teach the kids Japanese (again) and test my ability to be a patient loving teacher…. I think I will fail but I’m keeping my head up high.  Back to our normal routine 🙂

I’ve been pretty bad about taking photos of everything…. so apologies for the lack of visual entertainment.

I’m not quite sure how this works but I am linking up with Jessie from The Right Fits. I hope it won’t be another week until I write again, but just in case….


5 thoughts on “Last week’s recap+Runner’s HI 20K recap

  1. YAY! Your link up worked 🙂 Thanks for joining the fun! You’ll see your post on my blog and Jess Runs Atlanta’s blog. If you link up again, try to link to both of us if you remember.

    GREAT week! That 20k looks tough though. 4 loops is mentally challenging, but like you said, good practice for the mentally tough parts of the marathon.

    I totally agree with you about men being able to run without training. My husband could probably still keep up with me at my goal marathon pace even if he hadn’t been training! It’s nuts.

    Lucky you with all the pineapple and those croissants sound good- share the recipe please!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!!! I’m so glad it worked!!!!! I wasn’t quite sure how to do it… Even though I don’t normally comment on Jess Runs Atlanta’s blog, she wouldn’t mind me just linking up all of a sudden?
      I’m just glad it worked and I was able to do it before the deadline 🙂 hehe


      1. Nope, she wouldn’t mind at all! The whole idea is to connect more runner bloggers together who write about similar things 🙂 Thanks again!

        Liked by 1 person

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