Goodbye long weekend~

Happy Tuesday! Back to reality…

so here is last week’s recap:

Monday: Abs and Yoga

Tuesday: 6.51 miles @ 8:46/mi average pace in the morning, 3 miles @ 9:18/mi average pace in the afternoon

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: strength training in the morning, 8.36 miles @ 8:50/mi average pace in the afternoon.  This run felt so great, I really felt like I could go on forever.

Friday: yoga

Saturday: 12 miles @ 9:26/mi average pace.  Good morning run- I couldn’t go as fast as I wanted, but separating the run into 2 parts (9 miles and 3 miles, to get more water/ice cubes in the water bottles @ 9 miles was a nice “break”) and stopping to eat my sour gummy/drink water at mile 4.5 was a good idea.

Sunday: Rest

Total weekly mileage: 29.87 miles

I didn’t really feel so great again this week but trying to get back at the normal weekly mileage.  My neck has been super stiff and in pain.

Saturday, we went to celebrate daughter #2’s birthday (her actual bday is tomorrow) at the trampoline place.  My neck didn’t allow me to bounce like Tigger so Mr. B and the girls bounced for like two hours… where do they get so much energy is a mystery.

Later that evening, we stopped by our favorite restaurant- Monkey Pod and had some yummy stuff 🙂

We also strolled to the beach after dinner to stretch our legs and watch the sunset.

Yesterday, we had a small BBQ at our house with our neighbor/family friend and the kids had TONS of play time.  The mom even surprised us with a cake that she made for daughter #2 because she heard her bday was coming up.

Overall, a very nice weekend.  Just wished I didn’t feel so “broken”!





2 thoughts on “Goodbye long weekend~

    1. Thank you Jessie!
      I have no clue why my neck is still hurting…. It’s been a week now!
      I have a race this Sunday so hopefully it will not bother me 🙂 the only time my neck doesn’t hurt is when I’m running!


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