aloha Tuesday~

aloha tuesday run

It’s been awhile since I last run in the (early) morning… lately I couldn’t get myself to get up at 4:30am so I would wake up at 5:30 am to make the lunches and then get ready for work.  I’ve been exercising/running in the PM and I need every ounce of motivation to get going after coming home….

I started off late (cooking obento lunch took longer than expected….) so I HAD to run fast.  I didn’t have the luxury to say, “eh…my legs are heavy.  I cannot go any faster.”  It was more like, if I want to get this run in, I better run fast or I’ll be late to work!

It was a good fast run!

6.5 miles @ 8:46/mi pace.

I was focused, determined, motivated, and just kept on thinking I have to get up there, just right there (to the very top of the hill).  As you can probably guess, the hills are all in the beginning of my run.

As soon as I got there though, my thoughts were distracted by all the trailers and trucks parked on this very quiet residential area.  It was odd.  Normally, this quiet road doesn’t have any cars parked on the street, there are runners/dog walkers/elder people just enjoying their morning stroll…. so at first, I felt like I was not supposed to be up here.

I saw the usual elderly couple that always smiles and waves at me so I asked them if something was up- and they told me they’re shooting the Hawaii Five-O here and in the woods! Cool!

Mr. B and I are (finally) watching Lost and 2 of the actors from the show are in this Hawaii Five-O.

I didn’t get to see anybody other than the trailers and some staff because it was too early, but it was kinda cool.  That definitely got my mind distracted from the heavy huffing and puffing from charging up the hills!

Um…I guess we’re in double trouble! Apparently, there are 2 hurricanes heading this way and by the time it hits our tiny island, it’s usually a tropical storm or just heavy rain/wind.  I feel very bad for the people on the Big Island because they get the worst of it every time.

tropical storm madelinetropical storm lesterHopefully, it will just be rain and wind.  (Nothing too crazy please! I am trying to get back into running in the mornings again!!!)

Yesterday, instead of running, I did some abs workout and yoga in the afternoon.  It was hard to get motivated into doing the abs workout so it was very (maybe too short?!) short session.  Teaching yoga is very difficult especially if you don’t have the proper training to teach.  So with my not-so-useful guidance, Mr. B and I did our yoga routine.

Today’s choice of asana (even though this was for yesterday): baddha padmasana (locked lotus pose)



It kind of hurts a little to get both your feet up by the hips but as you get used to it, it becomes easier.

Benefits of this asana:

  • gets your legs more flexible (Duh…)
  • stretches the joints of- wrist, shoulders, back, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles
  • beneficial to back and shoulder pain
  • improves the posture of your spine
  • increases the range of movement in your shoulders
  • beneficial to constipation and digestive system functions (maybe that’s why I had some major bowel movements this morning….sorry for this TMI..)
  • beneficial to arthritis

If you are pregnant- please DO NOT attempt this asana!!!!

Avoid this if you also have severe shoulder and back pain too.  (SEVERE)

Don’t forget to alternate your legs and hands.

I’ve noticed that I am getting better at this asana: utthita-hasta-padangusthasana

Although I feel like my arms are way shorter than what they’re supposed to be (I know that’s not possible) so I am still working on trying not to reach out too much when I stretch the leg in the front.  The side is easier for me.


Also with all the pilates moves for core strengthening, I feel like this asana has gotten easier:

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose)

I cannot lift my leg up that high yet though.  It’s still work in progress! Practice makes everything better!

Have a wonderful Tuesday- I just got a text saying we’re going for a three mile run this afternoon. Yeay, this means I can maybe get back into the weekly mileage I want 🙂

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