rain, rain, rain

happy humpday.jpg

Happy Humpday Wednesday- it is a very very very wet Wednesday.

Which also meant TRAFFIC! in Hawaii.


As soon as I got on the interstate and I saw how bad it was, I just gave up.  There’s no point in fussing over it, no point in trying to rush (how? by illegally driving on the shoulder lane like these people were doing…).  So I just had a relaxing traffic morning sitting in the car going 2 mph.  Listening to the radio.  Enjoying the view of rain pouring down.  Yes, once it starts to rain, it’s like someone switched the ON button for let’s get in traffic! mode.

All throughout the night~ this morning, it was pouring down with thunder.  Obviously, I was not about to go out to run this morning in that rain.

I hope it clears up this afternoon because I really need to go run… my body is itching to go run even for just 5-6 miles.  Sucks that we don’t have a treadmill! If we did, I could definitely enjoy running and watching the rain from the garage while staying dry (from the rain, but probably will be dripping wet from my sweat).

Oh well.

Yesterday,  I did my strength training at home after I made dinner.  I hate being on a “rush” mode because I have to do this and that but whatever I can fit in, I will.

pilates quote.jpg

I’ve noticed that a lot of my ab/core workouts stem from Pilates (I used to take Pilates class too when I was living in Japan).  I would practice my breathing for Pilates on my way to class on the train… good old memories.


Found this above photo from Pinterest (ohhh i love Pinterest).  Basically, I definitely do the single leg stretch, double leg stretch, single leg lower, double leg lower, plank, hundred, and a few other ab workouts.

The main thing that works out my core is the way I breathe and engaging the core.

I’ve learned that breathing for yoga and for Pilates are two different ways-
ujjayi breathing (yoga): breathe in from your nose, expand your stomach with inhale, breathe out from your nose, flatten your stomach (as you squeeeeeeze out the last bit of your breath) with exhale.  You also focus on making that “noise” by closing the back of your throat when you breathe.  Kinda reminds me of the sound that I hear when I just float on my back in the ocean.  That sound of your breathing.

Pilates breathing: instead of inhaling to expand your stomach, you expand your rib cage wide and with each exhale, you try to “close” your rib cage.  It’s easier to feel this when you have your hands criss cross in front of your upper abdomen and touching the sides of your ribs.

In any case, focusing on each movement slow and engaging your core so your belly doesn’t “pop” when you’re doing your ab exercises are important too 🙂

It’s so hard to keep your tummy tucked in when you’re doing some of these exercises because your body tries to use your ab muscles (the outer muscles).  Making sure to keep your eyes on your belly so they’re always tucked (sucked) in, will make you truly work those inner core muscles!

Benefits of Pilates:

  • improves posture
  • better balance
  • reduce injury risk
  • increase strength
  • enhance core stability
  • improves flexibility
  • healthier blood
  • increase mental fitness
  • greater stamina

I’m going to add more pilates slow moving core engaging exercises to my non-running days for sure 🙂

Happy Wednesday! Stay dry and safe!



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