Happy Monday

happy monday

It’s Monday again~

And I am on my period again~. Which means feeling sluggish, headache, flash of heat, flash of cold, all sorts of just not-pleasant feelings…. BLEH!

Last week’s recap before I forget:
Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6.38 miles in the AM, 1.02 miles in the PM with daughter #1, Abs workout

Wednesday: 8.01 miles in the AM, 2 miles in the PM with daughter #1

Thursday: yoga (and daughter #1 made the cross country team!)

Friday: 4.26 miles (to go get onion and carrots at the grocery store…so I had my hydration pack w/o the hydration thing to stash the veggies in there for my run back) and some strength training

Saturday: 11 miles (argh. I wasn’t feeling 100%)

Sunday: beach day (meaning rest day)

total weekly mileage: 32.67 miles.

not too bad, actually, a very good week for me!

This week though, I can already feel it- it’s not going to be so great.  I hate how periods make me feel. So sluggish and just zaps my energy.  (Plus having a rambler in a meeting doesn’t do any justice either).

I was loving these double runs, since the PM runs are fairly short and we go super easy but now that daughter #1 made the team, I don’t know if we’ll be continuing this routine or not.  Hopefully yes but it all depends on how busy our lives get after my parents leave.

Also, looking at the calendar, I just don’t see how I can add any more miles to my runs~ I feel like (time wise) I am maxed out! Other than just adding more miles on my weekend long runs, there’s not that much more I can do to fit in more miles.

Sunday, we had our beach day.  It was a good day to chill and rewind.

Other than that, nothing too crazy going on! I hope to add more stuff (like the yoga posts) soon 🙂


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