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Happy Humpday


Things from last weekend and up until now:

Relaxing at the beach after our Boca Hawaii 15K race on Sunday.  Pure bliss.  The ocean is so crystal clear, you can see the bottom of the ocean.  Too bad it kept on drizzling from time to time but that doesn’t stop anybody from BBQ-ing. The great thing about this place is you can drive your truck (hopefully you have a SUV or a truck because the trail leading up to your “spot” can get a little rough) up to the place where you want to set up.  It’s pretty much your “spot” so you’re not sharing the space with someone right next to you.  Mind you, there are no showers/bathrooms/life guards at this beach so have fun at your own risk 🙂

I also wanted to compare the elevation map from the Sunday’s race and my daily runs:

This one below is from the race.  It wasn’t really that bad.  Only 307 ft of elevation gain…

And the one below is my morning run.  This is my usual Wed’s route, with an elevation gain of 458 ft.  Perhaps because I’m used to this kind of hills, the Diamond Head hill didn’t feel as “painful”.  BUT… the Diamond Head hill up the Monsarrat was bad (for the Hapaula Half Marathon).  If they were to change the course to that route to go up the Diamond Head for this year’s Honolulu Marathon, then I would definitely have to train harder.

Monday- I took a day off to rest.  My legs were just done! I’m thinking it was more from the waves at the beach rather than the race itself, or maybe the combo of those 2.  The current was so strong it did take all of my effort to keep myself from getting sucked in…and eventually, we started to just play and let the ocean pull us in, and push us back to shore with each wave.  It was fun 🙂  But yes, that really worked out my quads initially.

Tuesday- 6.38 miles @ 8:43/mi pace.  Ahhh finally.  I was able to get back down to under 8:50/mi pace…. even if it’s not by much, I was happy.  I also switched my shoes to the Mizuno Sayonara 3 shoes.  My Hitogami shoes have been great but I know my feet are wide and maybe because of that? the sides are getting calluses, and for the first time ever, I got blisters.  So I said screw it, let me try running in my Sayonara shoes again.  I use those for longer distance just because I feel like I’m wearing “shoes” and they’re a tad bit heavier, clunkier, etc.  With the Hitogami shoes, I didn’t feel like I was wearing “shoes” even though I was…


Overall, it was a good run!

In the beginning, it did take a little for me to get used to running in the Sayonara shoes, but coming downhill felt super nice and easy.  Less hard impact on my knees for sure!

After coming home from work, daughter #1 wanted to train again for her cross-country tryout so we set off for just 1.02 miles.

Then we did our abs workout together.

Total mileage of the day: 7.4 miles

Wednesday- 8.01 miles @ 8:58/mi ave pace.

Well, this morning’s run was very unusual.  It started off great, I charged up those hills and I was so focused on getting up there, I didn’t even think about how tired my legs felt until I got up to the very top…. and then the trade winds started kicking in so all my sweat felt really cold on my body….and then…. I just had this urge to go use the bathroom.  There were no bathrooms around me!

So I kept on going, hoping I will be fine….

I never had that problem before!

Anyway, daughter #1 wants to train again so we shall see about if/how long we will run.
Tomorrow is her tryout and I know she’s going to have fun.  She told me she scouted her friends to participate in this cross-country tryout with her.. so cute.  What she doesn’t realize is she’s also increasing her competitors 🙂 But I hope that all of them get to be on the team!  They’re still in this innocent pure age.  I hope they all stay this way…(wishing…).  I read this cool article on Yahoo earlier about a mom teaching her daughter who was entering middle school this fall.  Very very true- words are powerful….




4 thoughts on “Happy Humpday

  1. Beautiful photos! What lovely scenery you have.

    Having to use the bathroom on a run is pretty common for runners…just have to try to plan routes with bathrooms for emergencies!


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