Boca Hawaii 15K 

Today’s morning began with my alarm going off at 4 am- too darn early! 

My gear (kit) for the day:

Brooks tank top (vest) and the Lululemon shorts.  I don’t think they do a good job of keeping my Nathan belt down.  I kept on tugging it down… I prefer my run times shorts from Lululemon compared to these.  These had the compression shorts beneath the mesh-y shorts.  They did a great job for my full marathon last year with my fear of an “accident” because of my period.  

We showed up to the Kapiolani Park at 5:20.  Just enough time to use the ports potty and get our chips. 

They should’ve opened the beach bathrooms because the line to the porta potty was pretty long.  

At 5:30 am the walk/run group started and we set off at 6 am. 

Not even into my first half a mile, a lady tapped on my shoulder and told me that I dropped my ID card! I thanked her like five times for picking it up for me.  I also noticed my twenty dollar bill was about to fall out (I always carry a little cash on me for emergencies).  

After that, it was the diamond head hill- and this was nothing compared to what I normally run on a daily basis by my neighborhood.  Which was a great boost to my confidence because this course is to kind of get you in the mindset of the full marathon in December.  

Then came the downhill by Kaimuki high school and I heard the boy running next to me sigh of relief.  I didn’t make it so obvious but I did feel the same way 🙂  and we both flew down.  I just let it go and it felt so good to go down down down. 

There were 3 aid stations and at each station, I took my time drinking water.  At my second water aid station- I actually took longer time to get some water, fuel up, and just watch people run past by.  I probably shouldn’t have taken so long at this aid station but I was just enjoying the whole experience. 

After that, the last hill (very short one compared to the first half of the race) up the diamond head area- came and went.  It really wasn’t a bad one but I didn’t fly as fast downhill as I did earlier.  

I saw that I was at the very last stretch of the race and after passing up the aquarium, it was just a long straight shoot to the finish line.  I saw Mr. B waiting for me and he took some pics of me finishing with a huge smile 🙂 

Mission accomplished! 

I took revenge (kind of) from the Hapalua half marathon where I had to walk that diamond head hill and the downhill (cuz I felt so sick). 

Finished the 15K at 1:24:06 with a pace of 9:01/ mi.  Considering I stopped a good amount of time at each of the three aid stations, I am extremely happy with my time!  

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