Happy Thursday!


I wanted to add something to yesterday’s accomplishment.

After I got back home from work, Mr. B and I took daughter #1 out for the quick run to the bank and back.  It ended up being a good 2.06 mile run (since we made a detour on our way back home).  She did amazing! She can sprint but she just needs to work on keeping a good pace.  I think she will have a great time running with her friends if she makes it on this team.  I told her the main thing is to enjoy this and not worry/stress about it.

So total miles for yesterday was 10.07 miles for me! whippeedeedoo! I never could’ve imagined running that much in one day on a weekday/workday! soo excited.  I guess if we had a treadmill at home, that would happen more often but it’s super hard to do something like this w/o my parents being here. Shucks there is such a distance between HI and JPN.

I wish we could have this:

dokodemo door

Dokodemo Door! (from Doraemon).  This will allow you to travel anywhere instantly. Ha!

Today’s run:
5.51 mile run @ 9:29/mi pace.  Very slow, very easy, very relaxing run.  My glutes and legs were still sore from the workout from Tuesday, but this run was actually soothing to my brain.

My music didn’t work! I don’t know what is going on with my Pandora- the other day, I had the “today’s hits radio” and I had like 3 Christmas songs back to back….and today, it just stopped working on me.  So, instead of worrying about not hearing anything from my earphones, I just took them off, stashed them in my pouch, and ran w/o any music.

I normally don’t do that unless I am doing a trail run, but this also contributed to my soothing relaxing run.  Sometimes, it’s nice to just hear the sound of life around you.  I heard kids crying in their house, pots/pans (I guess from making breakfast), birds, a lot of honking (voting season….), wind, etc.

Yesterday, daughter #1 and I had the “talk” again.  I told her how there are always choices.  Choice to go the easy route or the challenging route.  To go lazy or to put some effort into things you do.  To be bleh or to be better.  I told her that even though as much as we all want her to be truly bilingual, there is nothing we can do to make her learn/memorize Japanese studies (specifically, kanji characters).  I told her I can only push you so much to do this, but ultimately, it is completely up to her.  I can support her, I can provide all the materials, and I can sit down and teach her.  But if she cannot put the same amount of effort as I am putting in to this, then there’s nothing more I can do…

I told her you tell me when you want to do this.  Once she’s ready, once she thinks she wants to learn again, then I’ll teach her but until then, I don’t want to push her anymore.

There was so much stress on both ends- she was doing everything half-ass because she just didn’t have any motivation, I was feeling like a failure because she wasn’t learning and I blamed myself for it…

It kind of brought a sense of peace of mind for me.  I’m not entirely sure how she felt and how she will react today after her homework- whether she will ask my parents to teach her again or not.  I just have to have faith in her.  Mr. B always tells me we all grew up differently.  I was never told to “study, do your homework, finish your work before going out to play” because I hated the feeling of going to school unprepared.  I hated not knowing the answers on a test.  I couldn’t enjoy playing outside with my friends if I knew I had incomplete homework/studying.  That’s why I always did my homework, did all my projects, and studying for tests BEFORE any leisure time.  I know I cannot expect the same from our daughters but I wish to instill that mentality of “work hard, play hard”.

Hopefully one day, she will learn and appreciate what we are doing for her.  Once she sets her heart on something, she is a hard charger so I know she will excel.

work hard, play hard

I hope this weekend will bring some sunshine to this island- we need a sunny weekend! It’s been such a wet, windy, gloomy summer (for HI at least).  We still need to hit the Hanauma bay to see all the fishies swimming around our feet (that was our plan last weekend but it didn’t happen) and the hike at Aiea Loop (we will see about this one though….maybe this won’t happen either for other reasons).


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