Happy Humpday Wednesday!


It’s Wednesday~~~~ humpday~~~~~ and I feel like it could be a Friday. (I wish!)

So what have I been up to on Monday, Tuesday, and today?

monday, tuesday, wednesday!

I haven’t slacked on my exercising! I noticed that my pace has definitely slowed down…. I used to run at like 8:48-8:30 pace at one point in my life (which is like a month ago….) but that’s long gone…. What happened?! I have no idea.

Overall though, I felt good.  My last two 8 mile runs on Wednesday didn’t leave me dying on the way back home, instead, I finished strong and feeling good.  Maybe this is what I needed?  Plus, last Saturday’s long run felt great so I am crossing my fingers for a similar outcome this weekend at the Boca Hawaii 15K.

This race will be the first race in the marathon readiness series, so we’ll have 4 more races to go until the Honolulu Marathon on December 11th.

We’ve never done this marathon readiness series before so hopefully, it’ll get us prepared for the actual marathon.  Just by looking at my calendar, I don’t think I will be prepared with the long runs again, but we shall see. I’ve been kind of stuck on the 10 mile range for awhile now, and I’m such a chicken to go further and longer.  (Let me take that back, we have had some 13 miles here and there…..)

Yesterday’s strength training included:

I had to squeeze all of this in within 1 hour (usually less) because of bath and dinner time.  But I sure did sweat a lot!!!!!! My tank top was completely wet, no dry spots at all.

This was from this morning.  I liked going up this one different hill and then coming back on that downhill.  It’s steeper and harder but it was a good uphill run.

I did start my run at 5:15am (hooray, no more oh crap, I’m running out of time! kind of run) so it was still a little dark.  Running in the dark is kinda lonely because there’s nobody around you for a bit until you get to the main street, but the best part is seeing the sunrise over the mountains.  So gorgeous.

On Monday, daughter #1 brought home a letter from the P.E. teacher and it said, there will be a try-out for the cross country team on the 18th.  It’ll be just 3/4 miles and the top 10 girls/boys from each grade will be on the team.  She is SO nervous already and I just hope that she will make it.  She really wants this.

So, since we have to go to the bank this afternoon, we decided to go for a short afternoon run to the bank, do our business, and run back home.  Daughter #2 heard our conversation and she was like, I wanna do it! So it’ll be a small family run this afternoon.   (Had to make sure daughter #2 understood that even if she trains right now, she cannot join the team because it’s only open to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade kids.)

Now, we just have to figure out how we can make our daughter run strong and fast.  She’s tall (I’m short), she has very long legs (I have short legs), and she runs like a bambi (and I don’t know how I look when I run. Sometimes I feel like a mammoth, sometimes like a gazelle, sometimes like a chihuahua)..? I’m not sure how to describe her running form.

Hopefully, she’ll enjoy this journey and will learn to love this sport.


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