Happy Thursday


I would hate to be a police officer here on this island and also the FSP (the highway control guys who tow cars? clean up? I don’t really know what they do, but I see them everywhere everyday).  Everyday, there’s an accident on the main Interstate.  There are only 3 Interstates on Oahu, and it’s a good day if you don’t see any accident on one of those 3.

With all the rain we get on this island, you would think people are a pro at driving in the rain.  Apparently not.  And it wasn’t even raining this morning (it rained a lot last night).

Today’s run:
5.6 mile @ 9:09/mi average pace.

I even tried to pick the flatter route so my legs/glutes could get a little rest since I am still very sore from the workout on Tuesday.  But that didn’t help either with my pace.  Oh well.  It’s just one of those slow weeks for me.

Is it age… that I am still sore from a workout 2 days ago?!

So the girls and I went to go get these indoor plants that are said to purify and detoxify the air in your house.  I found them on Pinterest (I love Pinterest).

We also painted the cheap pots.  They turned out really cute.  I’m dying to get 2 more of these plants for my desk at work since this place definitely needs some detoxifying/purifying too.  Too much negativity!

These are some of the indoor plants that I found on Pinterest and they are all too cute.

The bolognese sauce turned out oh—soooo-delicious, I am impressed.  It was really good.  If I keep this up though, I’ll be spending a good portion of the grocery budget for these red and white wine (not to drink but to cook) and that means I will have to re-budget to make sure that happens.  I just love it when things turn out really yummy when I’m cooking- so much fun.

The photo above doesn’t show the yumminess or how wonderfully it made the whole kitchen smell.

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month! That means there is the Food Truck event again!

We’ll eat dinner at home like usual and if we can, I’d like to go out there for some yummy desserts! foodtruck friday

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