Runday Monday, Happy Tuesday

Monday- good run but I thought I could’ve went faster but I wasn’t…. 

My legs were definitely not syncing with my brain. 

I just kept on focusing on my breathing to get my mind off of the argh feeling, and that kept me charging uphill again. 

It was weird because I didn’t bump into/pass by anybody that morning.  I usually pass up this one man in bright yellow shirt with blinking red light on his sleeve, a man walking his dog, and a lady that runs up the same hill.  Then on my downhill, I would pass up another lady with weights in her hands and she would not wave but only nod to say hello.  Sometimes, I would pass by this one old man who would always smile at me and greet me by saying “good morning 🙂 have a great day!!”. 

These happy people make me happy.  They make me feel great that I am up and running in the morning like them. 

Today was the strength training day but I couldn’t get up in the morning to do this. So instead, I did it after cooking dinner and before bath- with my daughter. 

We did the Extremes Abs and 1000 Abs Challenge.  Let me tell you, our six year old can do these ab workouts with me and she rocked it! I was a little shocked and surprised….our little Buddha belly girl is becoming a strong little lady. 

We also did half of the 1000 squats. It took forever to do this so we cut this in half.  

Made this very delicious dinner tonight:

The beef roast was so good it was ten times better than going to a reataurant (biased opinion). 

Tons of veggies, broth, red wine with the chunk of roast made this a very yummy dinner. 

Hope you had a nice Monday/Tuesday! 

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