Happy Humpday Wednesday

happy humpday wednesday

(Reusing the older happy humpday poster here)

Today’s run:
8.01 miles @ 8:56/mi average pace
Elevation gain: 423 ft
Temperature: 73 degrees w/humidity

I don’t know why I always thought HI was dry- but it’s not.  Not at all, especially in the Mauka (mountain) side of the island.  Perhaps, down by the Ewa/Kapolei area, it’s super dry and hot but gosh, the humidity…………sometimes I have a hard time just getting my breathing in rhythm.

It started with a o-kay start, my legs and glutes felt a little heavy (but I knew the real heaviness/soreness would come AFTER the run from the workout the night before) and I felt like I wasn’t going fast at all (and I really wasn’t going fast.  Not at all…)

The uphill was another a-okay this morning.  Just focusing on the lamp posts and keeping my mind focused on making it up to the top.

Then once up at the very top, I got into a good pace and I was able to finally enjoy the run. ha!

The flat run came to an end too quickly and then down I went….I looked at the time when I hit right by my house at 7.67 miles and thought, ehhhh I think I could cover a little bit more and just hit 8 miles.  I did and that was a mistake!!! I was definitely running out of time…..I completely miscalculated my time that I left the house for the run so when I checked the watch, I thought it was still 6:15am, and I would be back on time to stretch and be in the shower by 6:30am…… Not quite!!!!!!!!!

time run out

I hate rushing like this in the morning, but luckily, today is my off-day for obento making so I just made sandwiches for everyone. (Yes, school is back in session as of this Monday…. that means obento days are back in full force!)

As soon as I got to work again, my whole body became sore.  Is this a sign? Telling me to go home?  I wish……

sore muscles

There are some more ideas for using yesterday’s roast beef like making an awesome rich bolognese sauce with the beef chunks/shredded beef.  I should’ve bought a bigger roast so I would have more leftover for some sandwiches too.  Oh well.  Maybe next time!



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