Hello Saturday! 

This week has been a weird week- I didn’t feel “it” at all during my run yesterday nor today.  Yesterday was pretty bad…. They said “even a bad run is better than no run” but ummmm not quite. It was pretty bad.  I just came back around at 2.6 miles.  Then I did yoga in the backyard, enjoying the sunrise view.  But once I got to work, I felt really crappy again.

Then today. I was hoping for a great whippedeedoo kind of run but it didn’t happen again.  I had to walk a little with this run.

It was 9 miles @ 9:28/mi average pace.  Considering I walked a little, it wasn’t a horrible pace for me but I really felt so sluggish, a little nauseated, drained… My legs were not tired but it was all in my head. 

I need to stay positive! I’m telling myself it’s all because of the darn menstrual cycle that really kicked my butt this week.  (I’m hoping that’s it.)

The other night, I made this really yummy beans tacos

With soft corn tortillas and these two salsas and a pinch of cilantro, it was yummy. 

And last night, we went to see this movie: 

It was amazingly funny. 

97% of the audience were all ladies (moms most likely).  My friend’s husband and Mr. B were supposed to watch this with us but at the very last moment, they changed their minds and instead, they went to watch the Jason Bourne movie.  Good choice.  They would’ve felt a little awkward with all the ladies cheering/clapping/getting angry, etc.

Overall it was a funny movie.  Made me laugh and think about how much we do on a daily basis.  But I think we have a good teamwork going on in this B family. 

Now off to doing a lot of errands! Back to the mommy life again 🙂 

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