Happy Humpday Wednesday

humpday wednesday

Happy humpday everyone πŸ™‚

Today’s run:
7.67 miles @ 9:00/mi average pace
Temperature: 75 degrees
Humidity: not so bad
Wind: VERY gusty.  kept on being pushed back so I felt like this crazy person running against the wind and not moving an inch forward….

I wanted this morning’s run to be a peaceful run.

So instead of my normal radio station on Pandora, I chose the Sakamoto Ryuichi radio station (on Pandora still).

Perhaps it was too slow, too peaceful, too zen-like.

Definitely was not a fast run for me, but my legs were tired, my mind was tired, and I think overall, I needed this zen-like running. 

My headache is still there and it’s getting old.  I cannot wait for this menstrual cycle to be over with!!!!!

Mr. B finished re-creating the front porch chairs and they just got the cushions for them today! I am so ready to chill on our porch drinking iced coco.  As I was thinking about chilling on the porch w/ the iced coco drinks, I thought about what type of glass or cup I should use tonight….

I’ve been using the same white dishes from Williams and Sonoma for like 9 years now and they are still great as new.  Looks like this:

w-s dishes

But sometimes, I miss these kinds of variety.  I used to have so much fun just browsing through the dishes area in department stores in Japan:


Wouldn’t it be cute to drink iced coco in these cups….


These tiny dishes actually are useful especially for dipping- like soy sauce.


I know the kids would get a kick out of using these flower petal dishes!

These are the cute and memorable cups we made in Hakone Japan:

The glass cups were made by all of us.  We each blew into the metal straw looking pole and saw the whole thing made in front of our eyes.  

The his/her tea cups were made by Mr. B. The kids and I made these bowls instead: 

You can definitely tell how “amateur” we are in pottery. Ha! 

This place was just amazing: Hakone Craft House.  

They have many different things you can make at this craft house and you can take a stroll through their beautiful gardens. Definitely worth the trip to go there! 

Later, we enjoyed the private hot springs, just because…. If you go to Hakone and don’t go to hot springs, shame on you! 


This place was our favorite place to go.  Normally their private onsens can be booked completely but on those rare occasions we get there at a decent time, we get one of the onsens all to ourselves πŸ™‚ 

Ahhhhhh hotsprings! 

I hope you had a nice humpday Wednesday πŸ™‚

2 more days till the weekend~~~!!!!

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