After Darby Monday

happy monday

I think I got my fix for a while- listening to the rain nonstop all night long! with a few lightening.  Today’s humidity level: 97%. WTH!!!! The air is SO thick, I can barely breathe…This was last night- our phones kept on beeping with those warnings for flash floods and heavy rain:

flash flood warning

I saw a lot of these photos up this morning from yesterday’s flooding:

Luckily, where we live- we didn’t have these crazy ponding/flooding/road closures.

Today is…. Christmas in July! actually, it’s our daughter #1’s bday.  Happy birthday sweet girl 🙂


I really cannot believe she’s growing up so fast. I still remember the days when I would pack the whole house in one diaper bag for all those “what if”s… nursing, making the baby food at home, planning my days around her naps, going to the park twice a day, rocking her to sleep… so many memories.

Now…. about my runs.  ummmmm…. yeah, I’ve been skipping out for a few days now.  I didn’t run last Friday because it was my yoga day.  Saturday, we were supposed to hit the trails but with my stupid menstrual cycle beating me down (and it still is… I truly hate taking ibuprofen/any meds but I cannot help it. Even today.) and the horrible weather, we skipped that run, Sunday- I couldn’t get up either, today- woke up at 4:30am just to look outside and seeing the crazy weather plus my headache plus my neck pain (I cannot move my head at all)- not happening!

So last week’s accomplishment (quite short mileage):

Monday: 6.1 miles

Tuesday: strength training

Wednesday: 7.67 miles

Thursday: 4.51 miles

Friday: yoga day

Saturday: very very short yoga morning

Sunday: rest day (well, if you count going school supply shopping a training, I would definitely count that in.  Dodging shopping carts, kids, crazy frantic parents, items just falling off the shelves..I probably burned enough calories doing this to make up for all the sweet yumminess from Liliha Bakery.)

Total weekly mileage: 18.28 miles

Hopefully this week will be a better training week but we shall see! My neck is in so much pain, it’s hard to twist or turn my head.  I feel so broken.  My pounding headache and neck pain, what a great combo.

This is how I feel right now (after 4 days of not running):


Hope it’s a good happy Monday for everyone 🙂



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