Funday Saturday 

Today, I was planning on running the trails with Mr. B.  Did we? Nope. 

Unfortunately, this month’s menstrual cycle is really kicking my butt.  My whole body just felt like it was weighing a ton, my head was pounding, and I just couldn’t even imagine getting myself ready for a run… Let alone a trail run.  Excuses? Yes, it sure did feel like them.  I did feel guilty as heck not going out there this morning.  

So instead, we did some yoga for a bit. 

I normally don’t take meds but I ended up taking ibuprofen twice today! 

We did some errands in the morning and after lunch we headed out to celebrate (2 days early) our daughter’s bday.  

Her actual bday is on Monday but since both of us will be working that day, we figured it would be nice to have “her” day today.  She chose to go to the zoo and even though the tropical storm was heading this way (supposed to be here tonight – tomorrow), we headed out. 

It was raining all the way to the zoo and when we got there, it showered here and there but overall it was a nice zoo day. 

Then we got some yummy pastries at Liliha Bakery.  

Don’t worry, she didn’t eat all three of them! She’s like me- not really too keen on sweet stuff so she didn’t like the custard cream in the cream puffs. 

This bakery is known for the coco puff. They are soooo darn good with the famous Chantilly frosting.

Overall, we had a nice chill day with the family.  Hope you had a nice relaxed Saturday! 

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