Aloha Friday!

aloha friday!

It’s Aloha Friday! No Work Till Monday!

Today’s non-running accomplishment:

Yoga morning

Sun Salutation A (repeat 5 times)
Sun Salutation B (repeat 5 times)
Ashtanga half primary series plus a few asanas in there- like the pigeon pose (salamba kapotasana) and camel pose (ushtrasana).

The salamba kapotasana really opens up your hips and it’s a great asana for runners.  Just be careful this asana has contraindication for knee injury.

pigeon pose (This also feels great to stretch those hips)


  • increase external range of motion of femur in hips
  • stretches out the hip
  • prepares you for backbend
  • overall a great hip opener!


After stretching and feeling good from Salamba Kapotasana, I’ll attempt the above pose but I don’t know if I can touch my foot in the back like that yet.  I actually didn’t even try that hard, I just touched my foot with one hand.



The above is the camel pose, Ushtrasana.


  • stretches the entire front of the body
  • stretches/focus/work out the abdomen, throat, and chest
  • stretches the deep hip flexor
  • strengthens the back muscles
  • improves posture
  • stimulates the organs in your abdomen and neck


  • insomnia
  • migranes
  • high/low blood pressure
  • serious low back injury

Overall, today’s yoga morning was a great start to my Aloha Friday 🙂 I felt my body stretch deeper with each exhale, new fresh energy with each inhale…. I did feel like my upper respiratory area (chest/throat) was stuffed and it’s been like this for like 3 weeks now.  It’s not enough to make me go to the doc or take any honey for remedies, but it’s there.  I felt that tickle and I coughed a few times (and trying not to wake up Mr. B was a challenge with this tickle).

I also skipped a few asana in the half primary series- especially the neck stand, head stand, anything with my feet up in the air because all of these asanas are not really meant for practicing when you’re on your menstrual cycle.  That’s more from the Iyengar yoga ways: “From DAY ONE of the menstruation begins until the menstruation ends, which may take four to seven days, one should stick to the practice of those asanas that help women keep herself healthy and that do not create an obstruction to the menstrual flow.”

Tomorrow, we’re aiming for another trail run! It’s 8 miles so IF there’s any energy left in me, I’d like to make that into a 10 mile so that we’re on track with our long runs but let’s see.  With the way things are progressing with long runs, I’d probably be dead at mile 8.  I should check the weather and make sure it’s not too slippery and muddy!

Happy Aloha Friday 🙂

2 thoughts on “Aloha Friday!

    1. Thank you!!! I just don’t have the time to go to a gym or to a yoga studio (and plus, they’ll be costly) so I am trying to practice on my own- trying to remember what my teacher used to teach me years ago! It also helps that there’s a coworker who teaches yoga so I ask her for tips and points to look out for!


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