Misty Thursday

Happy Thursday

When I woke up, it wasn’t really raining so I set out for my run, a shorter run today to see how and if I can keep a good fast pace on flat(ter) surface:

4.51 miles @ 8:29/mi average pace
Elevation gain: 132 ft
temperature: 70 degrees.  misty, humid, and occasional drizzle

I tried to run in a flatter area that I could find but after seeing this map, I realized it’s not really flat.  Wonder if the track at the nearby high school is off limits to the community or if we can all use it?  Especially now that the school is out for the summer…

I also tried to do this whole tempo run thing where you warm up, then you run at a fast pace for a few miles, then cool down.  Well, that didn’t really work out too well because my splits showed that I was all over the place with my pace! ha! Normally I don’t really check my watch until I get back to my house and I hit the stop button on my Garmin.  Today, I checked a little bit to see how I was feeling but I guess I was running by feel more than making sure my pace was constant.  Oh well. I’d rather enjoy the runs and feel great than to sweat about keeping a constant pace (for now).  Maybe that’s why I am not improving as a runner, but as a starter in running, I would really like to focus on enjoying the runs.

My friend in Japan posted on her FB about going to see the fireworks (we have fireworks almost every other weekend or so, somewhere during the summer) and reminded me that we’re definitely missing out on the summer fun in Japan. ha! I know we can experience something similar here in HI- they’re pretty good about mixing cultures.  (If you’re interested, there’s Higashi Hongwanji Betsuin on 7/23, Waipahu Soto Zen Temple Taiyoji on 8/6, Shingon Shu Hawaii on 8/13, Mililani Hongwanji Mission on 8/19-20, Aiea Hongwanji on 8/27, Nichiren Mission of Hawaii on 8/27, and Odori Festival on 9/10)

bon dance

Like the Bon Dance (photo above)- I’ve been to one nearby before when we first moved out here.  I had this huge expectation that it was like the Natsu Matsuri (summer festival) so when we showed up, all of us (the kids and myself) were pretty bummed that it was just some shaved ice truck, food, and this bon dance in the middle of the courtyard.  We were expecting something like this:

yoyosuper ballみこし

I figured we won’t see this mikoshi parade here unless we go to Waikiki on one of those festivals but still….

The kids loved to play these games when we were in Japan and went to these natsu matsuri- the yoyo and super ball (the super bouncy balls) games.  Lately, it’s become easier for the kids to scoop because we use those metal ladles.  Before, it was the rice paper scooper things where it rips very easily when soaked in the water.  They still use them for the gold fish scoop game.  I used to get my “pet” from this game every summer.


Poor goldfish- they don’t last that long.  They die fairly quickly, although there was one time when my friend’s goldfish survived the first week, then the second week… it was a miracle! and then the family went on a summer trip for a week and when they came back home, it was dead.  Yeah, the summer in Japan gets really hot and humid (and we don’t have central ac) so the entire house gets pretty warm (more like sauna) inside…. the water in the fishbowl got so hot and warm, it kinda cooked the fish and poor gold fish, it was floating when my friend came back home.  This was xx years ago so I’m pretty sure kids are more responsible now than to leave their pet fish all alone in the hot hot hot house.

Anyway, the hot summer days in Japan- I don’t miss the weather out there, but I sure do miss the food and excitement!

One more day until the weekend! Hope you have (had) a great Thursday 🙂


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