Hump Day Wednesday

happy humpday

It’s Wednesday~ hump day~ middle of the week and I am so sore…. but it’s a good sore.  My obliques, glutes, inner thighs… they are all sore! Surprisingly, my triceps aren’t sore (I was hoping they would be…).  Mr. B called what I was doing a “military pushups”, with your hands right by the chest/shoulder, closed to your body, and pushing your body up (although my workout from yesterday’s youtube didn’t say we had to push up like a real pushup, more like up until the half cobra style).

Anyway, today’s run:

7.67 miles @ 8:45/mi average pace
Elevation gain was 457ft
Temperature was 73 degrees (not too humid but a little muggy)
Cool part of the run: seeing both the moon and the sunrise.  I ran up the hills seeing the bright round moon and I ran down the hill seeing the sunrise over the mountains. Pretty cool sight!

And when I got back from the run, I saw another (funnier) cool sight: the gang (my visiting parents and our 2 girls) was doing their “radio exercise” even though it’s not on radio anymore.  The music never changes, and now with the video/tv, we can actually
see them do these exercises.  And those people never change either! ha! 

If you’ve lived in Japan, you’ve heard of this “radio exercise” or “rajio taiso”- it’s really a part of our culture.  Kids from kindergarten to adults would be following this routine in the morning.

Some photos from the internet that I found:

rajio taiso

rajio taiso2

rajio taiso3

From Wikipedia: Rajio Taiso (by the way, rajio is radio- they wrote it that way because that’s how Japanese people pronounce this word)

“Rajio taisō were introduced to Japan in 1928 as a commemoration of the coronation of Emperor Hirohito.[1] The idea for radio broadcast calisthenics came from the US, where during the 1920s the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. sponsored 15-minute radio calisthenics in major cities in the US. Visiting employees of the Japanese postal insurance division brought samples of the exercises from the US back to Japan.[1] The exercises were widely used to improve the health of Japanese soldiers both at home and abroad during the 1930s and 1940s. The exercises were introduced to several other pacific nations, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia during Japan’s colonization period.

After Japan’s defeat in 1945, the broadcasts were banned by the occupying powers as being too militaristic in nature. [2]

After several rewrites to the exercise routine, it was reintroduced by NHK radio in 1951 with the support of the education ministry, health ministry, the Japan Gymnastic Association and the Japan Recreation Association.”

It looks like this and this is only part 1 of the neck exercise.

Anyway, it was funny how all 4 of them were standing in a single line, following this exercise routine on our tv (they were following it on YouTube).

The other day we had soba noodles for dinner because it was just so hot/muggy and I didn’t have enough time to cook rice… and then it got me thinking how much I miss tenzaru!

This is Tenzaru (tempura on the side with cold zaru soba).  Ahhh and this tenzaru from Kadohei is the place to go! It’s located near Yokohama station but not quite around the station so unless you’re from this area, you might not know it’s there.  Of course, like most of these place, there’s no parking so you’ll have to find “coin- parking” where you pay like $3 for an hour to park nearby (good luck finding parking!).  The best thing to do is just walk.  You walk everywhere (besides taking the train/bus) in Japan.  It’s such a hassle to drive because of these expensive parking and highway tolls.

Just in case anyone wants to go, this is the outside view of the restaurant.  If you’re tall like Mr. B, I suggest you sit in the tatami room so you can stretch your legs.  These chairs/tables are made for people like us! the shorties! hehe

I miss this place so much!

So now that I mentioned about tenzaru, I know I will have to plan a day for us to get some good tenzaru… it’s quite expensive but this is the closest I found in HI:



Well, I hope I have wet everyone’s appetite for some good soba and now I’ll just day dream about having some soon!

Happy Wednesday!

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