Runday Monday


Happy Runday Monday 🙂

The beginning of the run didn’t feel so great- my legs felt like I had strapped a 50lb weight anklet on both legs…I was literally trying to run and run (and in my mind I was trying to go fast) but I wasn’t getting anywhere.  So I gave up trying to waste my energy and just took it easy to enjoy the brisk morning air.  It felt quite chilly actually!

I think my Garmin and Strava data were the closest they’ve ever been!

I’m glad I got a good run in though.  Even though my body felt like it was weighing a ton, it still felt great.  I pushed through the second half and just watching the sunrise over the mountains was gorgeous.  The pinkish bluish sky, clouds hovering over the tip of the mountains…I always thought I was an ocean-view type of person but I am definitely loving the mountain-views lately.  It’s serene.

Again, this whole Hepatitis A outbreak is freaking everyone out (including me).  My workplace ordered a deep sanitation of all the bathrooms, doorknobs, desk, etc. for preventive measures.  But in my mind, unless EVERYONE starts washing their hands WITH soap every time they use the bathroom, this whole thing will not go away.

We even got this newsletter from a doctor that provided us with information about this illness:

How is Hepatitis A spread?

Hepatitis A is usually spread when a person ingests fecal matter—even in microscopic amounts—from contact with objects, food, or drinks contaminated by feces or stool from an infected person.

Hepatitis A can be spread when:

  • An infected person does not wash his/her hands properly after going to the bathroom and then touches objects or food
  • A caregiver does not properly wash his or her hands after changing diapers or cleaning up the stool of an infected person
  • Someone engages in sexual activities with an infected person
  • Hepatitis A also can be spread through contaminated food or water. Contamination of food can happen at any point: growing, harvesting, processing, handling, and even after cooking.

Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizing lotion = the best defense!!!

What are the symptoms of Hepatitis A?

  • Fever • Nausea & Vomiting • Grey-colored stools • Yellowing of skin and eyes (jaundice) • Fatigue • Abdominal pain • Joint pain • Loss of appetite • Dark urine

How is Hepatitis A diagnosed and treated?

A doctor can determine if a person has Hepatitis A by discussing his or her symptoms and taking a blood sample. To treat Hepatitis A, doctors usually recommend rest, adequate nutrition, fluids, and medical monitoring. Some people will need to be hospitalized. It can take a few months before people begin to feel better.

Eek! In a way, I’m glad the kids are on their summer break because we can definitely control where they go to use the bathroom, that they wash their hands before eating anything, etc.

Another sad news again for HI- a father and daughter (6 years old too! same as our youngest!) were washed away by 2 large waves one after another and they were pronounced dead at the hospital.

I have no idea how many tourists we have lost this year- but this area is known to be a dangerous zone.  I understand if a couple of teenagers would go down there thinking it would be “cool” (but it’s not. it’s stupidly dangerous) but for such young child to be there was just a shocking news to me.

Just watch out for warning signs!  They are there for a purpose.

(images from Hawaii News Now)

We’ve hiked this area as a family and saw people crawling down the cliff to the tide pool area.  It was scary just watching these people go down…

FYI, the Makapu’u lighthouse hike is a gorgeous hike.  During the winter times, you may have a chance of catching the whales swimming around.  img_1065

This is the view from the hike that we did last year.

Enjoy HI but be cautious! You cannot win against Mother Nature.

I hope everyone had a productive Monday to start a new week!



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